Christmas Favorites

Baked good: Spritz cookies (my Grandma Walters recipe)
Alayna was quite happy to sneak cookies while I baked them this year
Song: "Oh Holy Night".... it gives me chills every time

Beverage: none really, I hate egg nog, it makes me gag.... Just give me some good wine at a Christmas party

Tradition: Making a birthday cake for Jesus.  After all, it IS his birthday :)

Lights: white inside and colored outside

Don't you just love Christmas light bokeh like the picture on the top left.... so fun

Opening Gifts: We let our kids open a gift every day during the week before Christmas.  I love stretching out the gifts in this way.  They enjoy the item they open so much more, instead of being overwhelmed all at once by tons of gifts.  They then spend the next day playing with it, and looking forward to the gift they get to open when Matt gets home from work. I know some people might find this odd, but it's fun for us :)  My parents did it with us growing up and I loved it.

Shopping: I really don’t enjoy being out in stores when they are super crowded.  I love shopping; I just prefer to do it while the stores are more empty.  Thus, I’d rather buy gifts early or online.

Homeade gifts:  I like making homeade gifts if it is something really cool and something I am certain the person will use.  I like to think out of the box on these things.  I'm excited about the gifts I made this year... I'll post about them after I give them to the recipients.

Activity: Driving around with our kids looking at Christmas lights is one of our favorite Christmas time actives, especially since it is free and quite thrilling for them.

Christmas cards:  I LOVE that most people send picture cards.  I hang them around a doorway in our house and it's fun to look at them during the Christmas season.  I think this year I'll make a cute little bulletin board and hang it in my laundry room with just the pictures from everyone's cards.  If you're wondering where our Christmas card is this year... it didn't happen.  You know that old saying "the cobblers children never have shoes?"  Well, I didn't think about booking a session for my own family in the midst of my crazy holiday season, and being the picky person I am, I won't send out a picture of my family I don't love :)  Next year I'll be on the ball.... we'll get our pictures done in September, and I'm booking it NOW!  lol.


Kelly said…
I think that is a great idea to have them open a present each day before Christmas. Then you can have the actual day be more about His birthday, rather than tons of presents. :)
krista said…
Pretty decorations! I wanted to do a present every night for M but somehow this week got crazy and we were not home to do she will be overwhelmed instead. Next year... I want to know what your homemade gifts are! I wanted to homemade gifts but that didn't happen either...sensing a trend here? Ha...that's what happens when you are 9 months pregnant at Christmas I suppose!!

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