Cookie Decorating

I have TONS of pictures from this past week of Christmas festivities, and the fun hasn't even stopped for us. We're heading over to the Flores casa in a bit to celebrate boxing day, which has become a tradition for us. 

Faithy was kind enough to host a time of cookie decorating at her house for our Mom2Mom group.  We had fun sprinkling, frosting, making messes... and most importantly tasting!

Coloring on butcher paper... Alayna colored and ate crayons

Some of the mama's with their kiddos

Me with each of my crazies :)

Ethan, as always mostly cared about sprinkles.  He continuously sprinkled sprinkles on his cookies, and when no more would stick, he simply licked them up!

can we say "sugar coma"?????

Me and Faithy
The whole gang!  Lots of kiddos :)  Two of them are Faith's neighbor boys.
Ethan wrestling with his buddy Grady... one of the few other kids who will put up with Ethan's antics


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