Lunch with Uncle Jerrod

I've been ill with the stomach flu since last night.  No good at all.  The bummer part is that it came on all of the sudden while we were having dinner at Danny and Jolene's.  I started feeling all nauseous and achy, so we hi-tailed it home.  I had a plastic bag in my lap the whole way but managed to keep it down until we got home.  I then spent all night sick, complete with a fever, the chills and the worst body aches I've had in years. It's been a really bad bug.  I could hardly function today.  I'm really hoping I wake up feeling good tomorrow and don't have to miss my T-MOMS Christmas party. Anyhow, onto more pleasant things....

On Monday we stopped by my brother's apartment to see his new monster TV (62 inches), and have lunch with him.  I happened to actually have my DSLR with me (which I rarely do when I'm just out and about), so of course I had to take some pictures :)

Ethan LOVES to see Dude, my brother's cat.  I'm not so sure Dude likes Ethan all that much, but at least he's tolerant.

I think Dude's had about enough of Ethan here

Alayna looks like a ragamuffin whenever she tears out her ponytail... hence the crazy hair.  I'm constantly having to fix it.  It just looks so darn cute fixed all pretty!

We ended up going to Redlands and I got the kids Chick-fil-et,
and my brother and I had sushi (YUM). 
We ate outside by the fountain, a favorite of my kids. 
We were almost a little hot in the 80 degree weather.

sorry about the french fries in her mouth.... I still thought it was a cute picture

The best part about eating outside next to the fountain...
playing in it after we eat :)
I'm waiting for the day he falls in...
or maybe it will be Alayna that does that.

And... to prove that I was indeed there....


Tonda Lynk said…
atleast your kids stayed out of the fountain :) Mine hop in and pretend to be ducks :(

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