My new sewing desk

Last week I popped into one of my local thrift stores to take a peak at what they had.  I do this every couple of weeks because that's how you find "treasures" :)  I was lucky this time, because I found the perfect little desk to use as a sewing table.  I'd had my eye out for something just like this, so when the lady said I could have the desk and chair for $25.00 I took it.

When I got home Matt gave it the once over and told me it was junky.
Not to mention one of the legs was um...
Yeah, I bought a desk with three legs, so what.
I told him to be quiet and just wait.
So maybe it's not the best quality, but I liked the style... and the price.

A little sanding,
some cleaning (it was filthy),
two cans of primer and three cans of white spray paint,
some tinted glaze,
pretty new fabric for the chair,
and three hours of uninteruppted time later and I had my desk finished!

Here are some before pictures of the desk...
it was rather banged up and ugly (and painted yellow)

And here is my finished product in my laundry room/craft room/office.
I love the details and hardware on the desk

This was right before I re-covered the chair

I love the detail on the chair

I picked up the red velvet at Jo Ann's in the return bin for cheap.
I have extra and I think I'll make a cool bulletin board out of it for my craft space.
I'm so pleased with my table... I can't wait to sew on it now :)

I love finding something ugly and turning it into something beautiful and lovely.
I get such a sense of accomplishment out of it.
Plus, it's way cheaper than going out and buying a brand new piece of furniture :)

Oh, and that green wall... that's the color of my craft room/office... it's super bright and I LOVE it.  I've always wanted a granny smith green room, it makes me feel happy.  I'll have to post more pictures of my craft space as I get it organized and put together.


Jolene Grace said…
LOVE IT! You did such a fabulous job, girl. I'm so proud of you! I love how you could see the potential. You are inspiring!
Stacy said…
You did a great job... I never could redo furniture that great. I will have to get some hints from ya next time I try it out :-)
Jhen.Stark said…
Oh my, you did wonderful! It looks great. I love that you chose red velvet for the chair cover.

And granny smith green must be incredibly cheery!!!
Crystal said…
You rock! And I love how you antiqued the little rope detail on the drawers. Cute!

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