Our week in snapshots

I carried my point and shoot camera in my purse this week and snapped pictures while we did things.  I've given myself permission to take snapshots :)  As a photographer I tend to forgo taking snapshots that are just "us going through every day life". 

You know what I'm talking about?
The pictures that show what we're doing,
but are not good in composition, quality or artistry. 
We all need snapshots of our life  :)

One day this week our friend Gracie came over to day sit the kids so that I could get some work done.  She's 9 and thought this was great.  I payed her a few dollars and she "babysat" my kids (with my supervision).  This is a win-win situation because it gets her out of the house, and my kids are entertained for a few hours.  She took this picture of her and Ethan and I thought it was cute.


Alayna had a super nasty cold last week.
I didn't take her out of the house for a few days and both her and Ethan were going stir crazy.
So one day I packed a picnic for us and we went and played at Sylvan park, one of our favorites.
I just LOVE winter in California.
I'd much rather be in short sleeves at the park in December than up to my ears in snow.
Alayna is so cute at the park now.
She loves to go down the slides and play and just delights in it all.
I love it.

We met up with Danielle at Frugos on our way home and enjoyed some frozen yogurt.
They had fat free Gingerbread that was to die for.... so yummy.  I've been craving it ever since I had it.

This was the first weekend I haven't had photoshoots or pictures to process in a couple of months.  It was wonderful to be at home with my family.  As much as Matt and I would have loved to bust a move around the house and get to a few of our projects, he is still ordered to mostly stay off his ankle. 

On Saturday we had a family date night.
We took the kids to Gourmet Pizza,
then drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
Ethan LOVES looking at Christmas lights.
He seriously delights in it.
I love that such simple things can be so fun as a family.
The kids are getting to such fun ages, where we can actually go out and really enjoy time together.

As we were leaving the sunset was gorgeous, I had to snap a picture.

Then I snapped a picture of Matt and I in the car, lol.
Dinner at Gourmet Pizza.
We got one of our simple favorites: pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and cashews.
Ethan took the picture of Matt and I... not bad for a 3 year old huh?
Notice the picture of Ethan licking the parmesan cheese off his pizza... he sprinkles tons of it on and then licks it off.

After looking at the lights for a while we stopped in for some Frugos :)
I was quite disappointed they didn't have the Gingerbread, so I settled for peppermint.
Most pictures of Ethan these days show him saying "cheese", hence the funny face.

We came home, but the kids to bed and settled in for some DVR (The Office and 30 Rock).

On Sunday we went to church (as usual).
The message was awesome.
I am LOVING our new pastor.
He is fresh out of seminary, just went to Israel and learned a ton on a Holy Land tour, and is full of pep and fire.  I look forward to church every Sunday.
We did what we do most Sundays, and went to Chili's with Matt's parents after church.
Here is a picture of our family.

After we got home and put the kids to bed I started in on refinishing an awesome little desk I picked up at one of my favorite thrift stores this week.  I got to work outside on my project for three whole hours.  It was divine.  I haven't spent nap time doing anything but working for the past two months.  It was great to spend some time doing something fun.  I even finished my desk and chair. I love how it turned out.  It's super cute and I'll post some before and after pics in a bit.

Now I need to get going and run a couple of errands.
I'll be back later today with those before and after pics.


Charlee said…
I have to agree with you I am truly liking Pastor Scott he is great. Looks like fun times for your family!
Kelly said…
*We got the Brando a couple weeks back and they forgot to put on cashews. I called and they gave us credit for a free one next time! Got to have those cashews!!
*Chris and I thought The Office was especially funny last week.
*Jealous of your two Frugos visits (however not your flavor choices...we must work on that for you...hehe)
Rhonda said…
Alayna looks so grown up in that last picture. I love her little pony tails.

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