TMOMS Christmas party

We just wrapped up our fall session at my mom's group (TMOMS).  As always I enjoyed it a lot, and would have to say it is one of the highlights of my week.

This was my table this session.  The sweet lady in red holding the baby is our mentor.  I always adore the mentors at TMOMS, they are the dearest women.

This is my friend Kelly, who I knew before TMOMS, 
but I love getting to sit at the same table as her :)

The kids did a cute little performance.  Ethan is up in Ripon with Matt and my in-laws, so he wasn't here to partake in the festivities (and to be honest, I was a little relieved, because I'm not so sure he would dig something like that).  They nursery workers even included the little ones and decorated a few strollers and brought them in.  Alayna was so cute.  She was just happily watching everything.

We did usual Christmas festivies... exchanged gifts, ate food, sang a few carols, played a game, made a craft, and mostly chatted :)  Now we'll have a little break until the end of January.  I'm so grateful for this awesome ministry and the blessing it's been to me.


Crystal said…
So sweet. I googled TMOMS but I can't find it? Is it specific to your church? I want one here! ;)

And I had that horrible tummy bug too. Yeah, pregnancy and stomach flu is a rotten combination.
Jhen.Stark said…
Oh I love it! What great photos! I had so much fun this year getting to know more mommies and learning and absorbing all your wisdom and experience!
Genn said…
Looks like a fun bunch. You look cute in your flannel with your boots. :)
SSchenkel said…
Wait, are Tara and Tara at your table?

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