Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday randomness

I'm in love with the Kirkland crumbled bacon (from Costco).  I use it in ALL kinds of stuff, and it lasts a long time.  I toss it into scrambled eggs, saute it with green beans for dinner, and sprinkle it on grilled cheese sandwiches.  The possibilities are endless!  I really can find a lot of uses for it, and we always use it before it goes bad.  I love having pre-cooked, yet fresh tasting bacon on hand whenever I need it. 

*I have a horrible habit of picking at my cuticles.  I know it will hurt, yet I can't resist and I peel off the skin.  Then I'm mad at myself because it hurts.

*Last Friday Matt and I hired a babysitter and went out for a wonderful date.  We had five whole hours alone.  We went to Victoria Gardens and had a delicious dinner at King's Fish House.  I had macadamia crusted Alaskan halibut with rum butter sauce that was to die for.  After dinner we saw the movie Date Night.  It was funny and cute and very enjoyable.  This was our first movie in 8 months!  Wow!  Normally if we go out it's just dinner, so dinner and a movie was a splurge.

*This week I took Ethan to take a tour of a fire station with our Tmoms group.  He knows all about fire trucks from a book that we read.  He was very excited.... until we got there.  Once we went inside he flipped out and wanted to go home.  We ended up not being able to stay for any of the tour.  I guess he was just intimidated by the big trucks.  Since we were already in downtown Redlands we strolled around for a bit, then we went over to Sylvan Park and played for a while.  It ended up being a nice time at the park.  Alayna enjoyed her first try on a swing (picture taken with my phone, hence the poor quality). 
(Crystal... do you notice the onesie she's wearing???)

*Last weekend I made these absolutely delicious scones (thank you once again Pioneer Woman, you never let me or my thighs down).  I didn't want to spend $12 on two vanilla beans so I made lemon scones instead.  We gobbled them up.... a little too fast.

*I also made this recipe for dinner the other night from the Pioneer Woman, and as always it was fabulous.  I highly recommend you make it.  Your taste buds and your hubby will thank you. 
And yes, I'm pretty sure ALL of her recipes involve butter and cream.

*I've been wanting to sew lately but just never get my sewing machine out.  I have to sew at the table or the desk, and I can't leave everything all set up, so I feel like when I sew I just want to spend hours doing it, and that my friends is something I don't have (hours to myself).  However a friend asked me to sew some diaper holders for her.  She provided the fabric and I provided my very poor sewing skills and a little bit of creativity.  I like the flower that I made for the girl's holder.  I forgot to take pictures of them myself, so these are the pictures she took of them...

*I also sewed a camera strap cover for myself.  It's kinda hard to tell from the picture what it is, but I didn't feel like taking my strap off my camera to take a picture.  I like that it personalizes my camera.

This next thing is only for those with a strong stomach..... so just stop reading now if you hate bugs....

*I went to get Cookie a milk bone out of a plastic container we keep in the cupboard with all the dog stuff (in the office).  I opened it up and almost threw up.... the bones were infested with some kind of bug and it's larvae and egg casings.  I haven't opened the container in months, so these little guys must have been propagating for some time. After my surprise and revulsion diminished, I looked back inside and inspected them, and even snapped a picture.   I'll do you a favor and keep the picture small....check this out.... the nasty thing is that there were about 50 bones in there, and they were ALL like this....

You see, from the time I was a little girl I've been fascinated with insects.  I used to go around the back yard and turn over rocks and just watch the insects do their thing.  I actually even took an entomology class in college, and it was one of my favorite courses (aside from having to learn all of the scientific names for the insects).  I even got to hold a Madagascar hissing cockroach :)  haha.

Now that I've probably grossed out anyone who reads my blog, have a great day!  hehe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Put em' to work

We are firm belivers in teaching our children responsibilty.
Ethan may only be two, but it's never to early to start.
We put him to work and make him earn his keep. ;)

That's right boy, rake up those leaves.

Wait, no one said you could take a cell phone break.

Sorry, you'll have to wait until you're finished to call your friends.

Put that phone away and get back to work!

Hehe, of course I kid.
I got these little gardening tools for my boy the other day because he just LOVES to "help" around the yard and house.
He is actually very excited to use his rake and shovel and asks me constantly if he can go clean up the leaves.

While Ethan was doing yardwork Alayna was very busy trying to get mulch.
This girl is EVERYWHERE these days.
Every day she just gets faster.
She crawls for real, on her knees and hands.
No more scooting for her.

She's a lot of fun right now... although she keeps me busy.
And boy is she cute.....very cute :)
I love that last picture of her.... laying in her Daddy's arms.
My sweet little peanut.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Charlie and swimming

Last week my friend Crystal, who I know from high school, came over with her three boys.  Her youngest boy is only three weeks old, so of course we had to take some pictures of him.  He wasn't so pleased with that, and gave us a difficult time, but we manged to get a few cute shots. 

 It was cute when he was sucking his thumb....

After the pictures we hung out outside and our friend Marissa joined us (who I have actually known since kindergarten) with her two kiddos.

Here she is with Cookie licking her face

The kids ran around like nuts and soon Ethan was asking me to run through the sprinklers (since it was a roasting 75 degrees).  I figured, why not.... so I got out the little kiddie pool for them.  Marrissa was prepared and had swimsuits in her car, and the bigger boys got to swim in their skivvies.

They were pretty funny.
It was warm, but not hot... and they got kinda cold after a while.
They were a hoot to watch.
I love that something as simple as a little kiddie pool can bring little ones so much joy.

Around 2:00 everyone headed home and I put a very tired Ethan down for his nap.  It ended up being a fun day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Honesty is no problem for me!

Do I post a lot of honest (s)crap?
I feel like I do :)
I'm all about honesty.
I guess it's fitting then that I received this fun award from my friend Tawny.

I think it's pretty funny.
I've done these types of things before, so you probably already know lots of random things about me.
I'll try to think of some more.
Well, here it goes... 10 honest scraps from me :)

1. As you all know I LOVE photography.  I got my camera close to two years ago, and I am only just now feeling like I am getting good with it.  I think that's because I always shot in aperture priority, and have only just recently decided to ONLY shoot in manual.  Doing this has helped me improve so much more quickly, and I'm kind of annoyed I didn't do it sooner.  Now I need to master setting my white balance instead of always using auto.  Good thing I have Photoshop for all of those bad pictures I took :)

2. This is rather gross, but kinda funny.  Before I had kids I was absolutely DISGUSTED with pee.  I couldn't stand to see someone else pee, and even thought of it would make me want to vomit.  My friends used to
 tease me about this and tell me I'd freak out once I had kids, lol.  Good thing I got over it (mostly).  Rest assured, I can handle changing diapers and taking Ethan pee on the potty.  I've even gotten peed on and not changed my shirt right away.  It doesn't even gross me out anymore!  I've sure grown.  I guess having to deal with bodily functions on a daily basis for the past 2 1/2 years helped.

3. I think I've said this before.... but I like WAY too many shows on TV.  Thank goodness for Tivo.  I usually "reward" myself with one show in the afternoon while the kids are napping.  This is usually something that Matt won't watch with me, like Grey's Anatomy, one of the Real Housewives (I like them all, but Orange County and New Jersey are my favorites), Mercy (new this year, and I really like it), one of the many reality shows on E!, Tori and Dean, and a few others.  Good thing I only watch one thing a day!  That's the joy of having Tivo.

4. I am very creative and I tend to pick up hobbies left and right.  I've scrapbooked, dabbled in beading, taught myself how to sew, love to draw and paint and took a few art classes in high school, dabbled in pottery (also in high school), designed blogs for a while, love photography (my current hobby), and I love to make any kind of craft.  I guess you could call me a hobby junkie.  I think photography has been the hobby I've stuck with the longest, but I still enjoy all of the other things.  If I had lots of free time and not many responsibilities, I'd have a huge art studio and craft and create to my heart's content :)

5.  I have a huge scar on my left hand.  I burned myself with hot caramel when I was in 6th grade.  I had third degree burns on my left hand and second degree burns on my right hand.  I was heating up a tub of caramel in the microwave so that I could make caramel apples.  When I reached up to get it, I spilled it on my hands.  I had to keep them wrapped up for weeks.  The pain was awful.  I think I have ugly hands now because of the scars, but oh well.

6. This isn't really something random about me, more of a question to ponder. Last Friday I was visiting with the ladies from my Tmoms table. We were talking about desserts and not being able to stop eating them.  Kelly asked us if we trade in our taste buds for 10 million dollars.  At first I said yes, totally.  I could loose weight, and eat healthy, and never have food be an issue.  But then we got talking about it, and we realized how much enjoyment we get out of food, how fun it is to share a meal with someone, and to cook, and to go out to eat.... and I changed my mind.  I'd keep my taste buds.  What would you choose??

7. I find the sound of vacuuming oddly comforting.  I think it stems from my childhood.  My mom would sometimes vacuum the house at night after we were down for bed, and I loved it.  It was so comforting to me.

8. Sometimes when I see grandpas with their grandkids it makes me wish so badly that my dad could have met my kids.  He passed away when he was 46.  Sometimes I picture what he would do with them or how he would act, but I'll never know.  I wish he could see me as a mother.  I'm grateful that I still have my mom, and that she adores my kids and they adore her.  I'm also grateful that my kids get to have both of Matt's parents close to them, so they do have one grandpa.

9. A lot of things that I NEVER did with Ethan, and thought I'd never do with any of my kids, I do with Alayna.  She slept in the bed with us (Ethan never did), I often put her down to sleep with bottles (very bad, I know).... I'm sure the list will grow :)  I think I've just come to realize that sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get through the day and have some sanity.  I'm also WAY less judgmental about parenting than I used to be.  Sometimes what works for one parent doesn't work for another, and that's ok.

10. The insomnia and the resulting anxiety and depression that I went through during the past year was some of the hardest junk I've ever gone through to date.  I would not wish insomnia on ANYONE.  I feel like I'm almost on the other side, and getting closer each passing day.

Wow, those started off light and got kinda deep... sorry!
 I think I need a bonus one to lighten the mood...

*** I LOVE funny TV shows and movies.  Those are something my hubby and I can enjoy together.  My current favorite funny show is Modern Family.... it seriously makes me laugh out loud.  We'll often back it up here and there just to see a certain part again.  Other funny faves are The Office, 30 Rock, SNL, Parks and Rec, Reno 911 (on Comedy Central) and Community.

Okay, now it's your turn!!!! 
I am nominating these people for the honest scrap award:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ah the freedom

When you are two,
you can do things like this....

and it's OK.
But only when you're two.
Or maybe 90?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No title

  • I had a busy but fun weekend.  Friday I got to hang out with the ladies from my T-moms table.  We shared some tasty appetizers and dessert and lots of fun conversation.
  • Saturday I got to go to a Mary Kay party that my mom hosted for Jolene.  It was fun to try out some makeup (and buy some makeup... hehe), and have a little kid free time.
  • I rushed home after the Mary kay party and we headed to Jonathan Odenbaugh's second birthday party. It was super cute.  Ethan was very excited because it was a Nemo party.  All day he talked about how he was going to eat a cupcake.  It was cute.  We came home with 2 fish (because of course you get fish at a Nemo party).  This morning they officially bit the dust.  They lasted three days.  Don't trust us with fish.  I found out they need the water dechlorinated, and we just changed the bowl and put new tap water in it.  They died shortly after.  Oops.  Ethan looked at them and said "they are all done eating their breakfast mama".  Yup buddy... they are ALL done eating their breakfast.
  • Sunday we were privileged to see our niece Jenelle be baptized.  Afterwards we were invited to lunch at Heather's parents house.  We enjoyed a nice meal and our kids were well behaved.  Ethan and my nephew Clayton had fun in the waterfall fountain at the house.  They were splashing each other and got soaked, so they both stripped naked and had a blast in the fountain.  It was pretty funny.  You can only be that carefree when you are that young :)  It's so fun to see them play and interact with each other now that Ethan is a little older (they are 16 months apart).
  • Alayna is cutting her very first tooth.  I kept expecting to see one come in because Ethan got his first two teeth at six months.
  • I officially ban myself from baking.  I just eat too darn much of it.  Yesterday I made chocolate chip muffins for some friends that came over with their kids.  I've eaten WAY too many of them.  I won't tell you how many.  The bad part is that's always how it goes when I bake.  My will power goes out the window.
  • I've been feeling sick for THREE weeks now.  This darn cold is odd, I think it goes away and then I feel icky again.  I've had a sore throat for almost the entire time.  I want to feel good again!
  • Both of my kids were finally seeming healthy and then Ethan woke up this morning vomiting.  It seems like he has a touch of the flu.  I've done three loads of his laundry so far.  I'm hoping it passes quickly and he doesn't pass it along to the rest of us.  *BIG SIGH*
  • I just put the kids down for a nap.... I'm off to try to rest for a bit myself.

Standing tall already?

Last week I was quite surprised when my barely seven month old started pulling herself up to standing.   Ethan could just barely roll over both ways at this age! 
I was not expecting this so soon!  
She crawled before she could even sit up on her own the little stinker. 
I think I have a go getter on my hands!
She wants to keep up with her brother.

My prediction is this little go getter starts walking at 9 months.  This makes me happy yet sad at the same time.  Happy because in all honestly crawling is not my favorite stage.  Sad because when they start walking they just don't seem like a baby anymore.... and she's my BABY! 

Often after she has been standing, the next thing we see is this....
So sad.  
She loves it when we're at a house with soft carpet instead of these hard wood floors.
Ethan survived them,
she will too. 

My days are now spent rescuing her from pecarious situations.,
and kissing all of her owies.
She already has a huge bruise on her forehead.

The exersacuer is already gone and put away.  
This girl likes to be free... there's no containing her :) 
Really the only way I can contain her (happily) is to sit her in the highchair with the baby mesh feeder thing filled with soft fruit like pear or banana for her to munch on.
I think I have my work cut out for me with this one.