Tuesday, June 29, 2010

swimming solo

I took the kids swimming by myself for the first time this week.  We packed a picnic and went to the pool at the association where my mom lives.  It's perfect for us because it has a 1 1/2 foot deep pool for little ones that is perfect for Ethan right now.  He had a blast splashing around.  I even got my little Miss to enjoy swimming for the first time.  I think it's because the pool was nice and warm.  She held onto me tight, but splashed around and giggled.

Don't mind the messy face...she had just enjoyed a little PB&J :)

I had such a great time with my kiddos. 
I decided since Daddy is gone for the week (AGAIN, but hopefully the last time for a while), that we should do something fun, and it was.
After we swam we went back to my mom's and took naps and then waited for her to get home from work.  We ate dinner and enjoyed her company before heading home for bedtime.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Heart Faces weekly photo challange: "pets"

I had a hard time choosing a photo to enter for the theme on I Heart Faces this week.  I finally chose this one because I think it just captures Cookie's fun and playful spirit.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Highlights, lowlights and videos

 Highlights from the week (in no particular order):

*Finding a couple of cute pairs of shoes at Ross for cheap.

*Cleaning my house while it is staged is super easy... mostly because it's pretty much clutter free :)

*Last weekend Matt and I enjoyed THREE date nights together.  Friday night  Ethan spent the night at my mom's and we made this pizza... seriously it was to-die-for good (I'm making it again tonight).  We then enjoyed dinner on the patio together.  Saturday we put the kids to bed and got sushi to go, and enjoyed it together on the patio.  Then Sunday Matt's parents babysat in the evening while were treated to a fabulous dinner at The Farm in Redlands (one of our very favorite restaurants) by someone Matt works with (Matt is one of his clients).  We seriously at GOOD this weekend.

*Getting together with my girlfriends from the credential program at UCR.  I don't get to see them often, but when I do it sure is fun.  We all got our teaching credentials together about six years ago (wow!).  We've multiplied since then... only two children are missing from the picture. 

From left to right is Noreen and her daughter Madyson (and a baby in her belly too),  Ethan who jumped in between Noreen and Amy, Amy holding her daughter Taylor, Me and miss Alayna, Tawny holding Travis (her other daughter Sammy was at pre-school), and Kristin holding her son Leroy.  Kristin's 11 year old daughter Angela was taking our picture for us.

*Alayna has been super fun lately.  She is just all smiles and giggles, all the time.  I LOVE it. 
*Alayna has decided she's mostly done with baby food and won't hardly eat it anymore.  This is actually kind of nice.  It's so much easier when you can just give them finger foods.  She got ahold of a PB&J sandwhich this week and loved it.  I guess she's not allergic since she seemed fine :) 

*Did a photoshoot today of a very cute three month old Taelyn.  I'll be posting pictures on my photography blog as soon as I can :)

Lowlights from the week:

*A very constipated Ethan.  I went out and bought him some MiriLax and the next day he finally pooped.  The poor kid hadn't pooped in five days.  He was miserable.  He's been purposely holding it in since we've been potty training him.  He does great in the pee department, but has yet to really have a full #2 movement on the potty.  *SIGH*.   The next two days he pooped his pants.  Today I'm letting him run around naked in the hopes that he will go in the potty.  We'll see.  Thank goodness for MiriLax, it seems to be helping.

*On Tuesday night I didn't fall asleep until nearly 1:00 am.  Shortly after that Ethan woke up and was up for FOUR hours.  He would not go to sleep in his bed.  We think his tummy hurt.  I finally got him to sleep at almost 3:30 in bed with us (his first time ever sleeping with us).  We then slept from 3:30-5:30 (when Alayna woke up bright eyed and ready to go).  It was a rough night and Matt and I were exhausted the following day.  Thankfully the night after that we went to bed early and got a full 8 hours of sleep.  It's amazing what sleep will do for you!!!

*Alayna waking up at 5:30 no matter what time we put her to bed.  Since she'll wake up early anyhow, we put her to bed at 6:30.  The days she does sleep past 5:30 Ethan wakes up at 5:30.  I guess that's just wake up time right now.  I'm really hoping that doesn't last for long.

I haven't posted any videos in a while, so here is a short little "remix" of some clips of Alayna:

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Lastly, here is a video of the kids playing in Ethan's room.

June 2010- Ethan and Alayna playing from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Is it bad that I let my 9 month old eat corndogs?
Ethan was eating one the other day and he only ate half, 
so I handed the other half to Alayna.
She CHOWED on it.  
I guess meat on a stick is pretty fun :)

Whew, all that eating makes a girl thirsty!

It's amazing how filthy my girl gets every day :) 
She almost always has a dirty face, lol.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Marlene's 65th Birthday

Last weekend Matt's sister and her kids came down to celebrate his mom's 65th birthday.  We had a great weekend hanging out, eating, swimming and celebrating.  Ethan had a blast playing with all of his cousins.

A picture of all of the grandkids... Olivia, Ian, Amanda (holding Alayna), Emily (holding Stephen), Ethan, Clayton and Jenelle.
The birthday girl

I made her a lemon chiffon cake, her favorite.
Ethan sat on Ian's lap and ate his cake

We spent some time in the pool (which Alayna hated).

 All in all it was a busy, but fun weekend :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Yesterday ended up being a nice day.  My mom and my brother came over and we spent the day together.  We went to lunch at the Kopper Kettle and talked about my dad.  We came home and put the kids down for naps and watched a video of him my aunt had made after he died.  It was just some video clips.  My mom and I had never seen it.... we hadn't felt ready.  It was nice.  We laughed and reminisced about him.  It was nice to hear his voice and see his face.  It made me realize I need to take more videos of Matt and I, instead of just always of the kids.

Thanks for all of your sweet words on Facebook and emails yesterday.  It was nice to know so many people were thinking for us and praying for us.

My hubby got home at 11:30 last night after being in Texas all week for work.  I'm very happy to have him home.

Potty training is still going well.... except for the poop front.  Ethan is holding it in and won't go at all.  It's been a few days.  He can go #1 all day long and isn't even having accidents... it's #2 we need to master.  He's even woken up from his naps dry, and yesterday morning he woke up dry too.

There is a "for sale" sign in our front yard.  It's kinda weird.  My house looks awesome staged.  It feels so much more roomy and I love having all the clutter out of the way (not that I had much to begin with). We'll see what happens now :)

A few random pictures:

Graham crackers are a favorite food around here, especially in the car...

Happy Friday!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been 8 years...

It's been 8 years....

since I've seen your face
heard your voice
laughed with you
hugged you
gotten teased by you
pansed you and annoyed you
watched your face light up in that contageous smile
heard you give one of your belly laughs
ate breakfast with you in the morning
watched you garden
watched how you loved my mom
watched you live by example

I miss you daddy.
We'll be remembering you today, as we do everyday.
I'm glad you get to be with the Lord having the best time ever,
but I selfishly wish you were still here with us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alayna at 9 months

This post is several days late, poor second child.
I did take the pictures a day late... that was almost on time :)
There's actually a story behind them.

I set everything up to take Alayna's monthly teddy bear picture.  I had the leather chair right next to the doorway and was standing right outside the door, so that I could get good light (our house has horrible lighting). I have her set up in the chair and I start clicking. All of the sudden she LUNGES forward off the chair, and onto her head onto the ground.  In trying to save her I leapt forward with my camera still in hand and hit the lens against the door frame.  She ended up being okay (just got a minor goose egg on her forehead).  My 50mm lens on the other hand, well it popped apart.  I was quite upset, especially since I had a photoshoot scheduled for that evening. 

Thankfully my handy engineer husband came to the rescue and fixed my lens for me... amazing!  The only thing that doesn't work is manual focus (the auto focus still works).  So, it's still usable.  I guess I'd better start saving for a new 50mm lens!  I want a nicer one anyhow, I just have the cheap-o one (which for the money has been a fabulous lens).  So there you have it, the story behind these pictures.  That is also the reason I only got three of them, and none really show how much she's grown next to her teddy.  Oh well.  Next month I will have to have Matt help me!

Alayna is a speedy little girl.  She can crawl so incredibly fast.  She races around the house and follows me wherever I go.  Lately I've seen her stand up and hold a toy in each hand, without holding onto anything, and then sit back down.  I won't be surprised if she starts walking this month.  The girl is into EVERYTHING.  If she can reach it, she will get it.  One of her favorite places to hang out is under the desk.  She likes to grab at the computer cords and try to push the buttons on the router.

She babbles a lot.  She says "mama" and "dada" and loves to shriek and scream.  She's a talkative little one.

Alayna loves to eat. She loves any solid food I give her.  She eats lots of cheerios and honeycomb cereal, graham crackers, crackers, banana, kiwi, blueberries, peaches, strawberries green beans and anything she can get her hands on.  The other day I handed her a corn dog and she chowed on it, lol.

While she love baths, she HATES swimming.  I've tried taking her swimming three times, but she just screams and cries.  I guess she'll have to hang out in the pack n play while we swim this summer!

She LOVES to be outside.  If someone opens the back door for her she makes a beeline.  It doesn't take long before she's eating mulch, leaves, sticks, flowers, dirt or rocks.... which makes having her outside difficult.

Changing this girl is like an Olympic sport.
It's crazy.
As soon as you lay her down she is flipping and flopping, trying to turn over and get away.  It takes a little bit of time to get her changes, and with the frequency that she poops, this ends up happening quite a few times a day.

Alayna is somewhat of a mama's girl right now.  If I'm in the room, then it is me she wants.  If she doesn't know I'm around she'll be happy with someone else. She would really love to play with her brother more often... but he doesn't like her to touch his toys.  She will giggle and laugh at him, and he'll get crabby and be mean to her.  What a nice big brother huh?  I'm sure they'll play together soon enough.

I made that tutu... thanks Tawny for showing me how!!

Here is a series of pictures of Alayna eating Cheerios off the floor and sharing them with Cookie (don't worry the floor was clean).  They actually started out in her snack trap, but quickly made their way onto the floor :)

This girl just ADORES dogs... it's pretty cute.
Boy do I love my little girl!!!!
Only three more months until she's a year... ahhhhh!