Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm back!

We are in our house and I finally have internet hooked up to my computer, woo hoo!  Almost a month with no internet... I was dying!  I really did kind of feel like I was out of touch with things.  I'm so behind on blogging that I don't even know where to begin.  I think I'll keep this short.

Moving into our house has been exhausting and exciting.  We spent three weeks having tile put in, painting some of the rooms, getting granite countertops installed in the kitchen, and then Matt worked on building a soffett in the kitchen with can lights.  I don't have pictures yet... I know you're dying to see some, and now that I can finally blog again I will post some soon.  Part of me hates showing "unfinished" projects, but I guess it's fun to see the process of something too.

Anyhow, in the midst of trying to get into our house last week I was struck with a horrible flu, immediately followed by a horrible cold.  Matt spent his days last week at work and then came to the house and worked until midnight every night.  It was a very exhausting week.  Finally on Friday things were at least to the point where we could get in, so we packed up our stuff at Papa and Grandma's and moved into our house.  We had planned on getting things done over the weekend, but the flu made a nasty visit to Matt and I only got one hour of sleep on Saturday, so Sunday we were wrecked.

It's nice to be home, yet wherever I look there are things that need to be done :)  We still have to finish the kitchen, the yard is still very dead, the guest bedroom needs to be painted, curtain rods and curtains hung in most rooms, and the list goes on and on and on.  I keep trying to remind myself that it will all happen eventually.  For now we are living here and loving our new home. 

Some things I am loving about our new home:

*my kids have their own rooms.  We no longer have to tiptoe around Alayna sleeping in the family room, the girl finally has her own room.
*My dishwasher... it's wonderful.  Six years with no dishwasher really makes a gal grateful :)
*How light and open my house is.  My previous house was quite dark.  I love having a bright home.
*A fridge with an icemaker.  I'm an ice freak, and I've never had one.  I love it.
*The view out of my windows... it's so pretty.  From my kitchen window I can see the hills (Oak Glen). 
*Our neighborhood is very quiet (our old one was too), but this street is even quieter.  I have yet to meet any neighbors, but I'm blaming the heat and the fact that everyone has been camped out in front of their a/c's.  If I don't see anyone soon, I'm just going to start knocking on doors and introducing myself :)

Ok, I must go now... I have so much to do, including editing a maternity shoot I was able to do for a dear friend this past weekend.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

At Papa and Grandma's

I have had very limited access to the internet while staying with my in laws, but I wanted to share a few things we've been up to in the past couple of weeks.

We said goodbye to our first house.... it was exciting but sad.  It's where were brought home our babies.

We've been very hard at work on our new house (mostly Matt).  While he's been busy there, I've been chasing after the kids at my in law's house.  The kids have been having fun here and love seeing Papa and Grandma everyday.  Here are some of the things we've been up to:

Swinging and playing on the swingset

Playing outside a lot, especially with the Little Tikes Car

Alayna has been loving riding around in the car she got for her birthday

Enjoying the fun play house in Papa and Grandma's backyard

Having fun with paints in the bath (Grandma got them for the kids)

I have TONS more to share, including a lot of pictures from Alayna's first birthday, but I'm out of time.  Hopefully I can post some more again soon!

Here is one more picture of the four of us on Alayna's actual birthday:

We're hoping to be living in our house by the middle of this week.  The tile guys are finishing up all the tile work, we have granite counter tops, and Matt is very busy working on doing some stuff in the kitchen.  He also got the bedrooms all painted this week and they are ready for us to sleep in :)  I can't wait to show pictures.  I've hardly been able to get over to the house because I can't let the kids in the middle of the construction :(  In the meantime we've been very thankful to Sid and Marlene for so graciously allowing us to take over their house!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Alayna!

One year ago today we welcomed our sweet Alayna Joy into the world.
It's hard to believe that it was already a year ago that we met her for the first time.
Her middle name is such an accurate description of her, because she truly is a joy.
She has a fun, happy, adventurous spirit.
She is loving and affectionate with her sloppy kisses.
She laughs and giggles and smiles constantly, which in turn makes everyone around her smile.
She loves to wave "hello" and "goodbye".
She babbles non stop in the cutest little baby language.
She's an awesome sleeper (quite a contrast from her first six months of life).
She is fast and tries her hardest to keep up with her big brother.
She adores doggies and when she sets her sights on one giggles incessantly.
She loves babies and gives them lots of hugs and kisses.
She is so much fun.

As is my tradition I made a video with pictures and video clips from her first year.

Alayna's one year video from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl!
I pray that no matter what you do, you love the Lord with all your heart.
I can't wait to see what He does with you.
Oh how I adore you my sweet Alayna Joy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We moved!

Excuse my absence from the blogosphere. We moved over the weekend and have been quite busy. Here is a summary:

-I packed for weeks. If I didn't have little ones around, I probably could have done it within a week :)

-We moved it all in one day with the help of our awesome family and friends. A HUGE thank you to: Sid and Marlene Hekman, my mom for taking the kids overnight, Danny and Jolene Flores, James Oates and his brother in law, Mike Hekman (Matt's brother), Thomas Odenbaugh and David Cairnes and his girlfriend Kaitlyn. Seriously, we were so very grateful for all of the help.

-Now our new house is filled with unpacked boxes and we are staying with Matt's parents we remodel the kitchen.

-I don't have access to internet very often, which is why I haven't been around online :)

-We hired people to do the granite and tile in our house... they start Monday and will hopefully finish within the week. So very exciting :)

-We purchased all of our appliances over the weekend. For the first time in 6 years I will have a dishwasher... I'm pretty excited. I'm also super excited to have an automatic ice maker... goodbye ice trays!

-I have no pictures to share with you because I'm just updating real quick while I have an internet connection.

-While at my in laws Ethan has been sleeping in a "big boy bed" for the very first time. Yes, he's almost three. Don't judge. He's done great and thinks it's awesome. I guess it's not a super huge change since he's been able to freely climb in and out of his crib for months now, lol.

-I'm busy busy busy picking out paint colors, deciding what I want to do with my furniture, chasing after my two little ones, and wishing I had a chance to work on stuff at the new house too.

Ok, that's my quick update. I'll be back soon... hopefully with pictures! I can't wait to share with you all the fun stuff we're doing with the house.

-My baby girl turns one on Friday... ahhhh!!! How did that happen?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All about Ethan

My blue eyed, tow headed, crazy boy.
You are 3 months away from turning three, and I felt the need to record some of your recent doings, lest I soon forget.

You are quite the character and your vocabulary amazes me.  You are so very articulate. You express yourself quite well.  Some of my favorite sayings of yours lately are:
-"I think so" You say this instead of yes quite often.
-"Maybe and Probably"  You say these things instead of yes quite often as well.
-"I know you do" You say this in response to questions such as "Would you like me to read you a story?"
-The other day you told your father: "What's the matter big guy?"  haha... that one made me laugh big time.
-When you are upset you tell people "I want you to get away from me or I don't like you".  That one's not so nice, and we're working on it.
-When your father gets home from work you tell him: "Dad, did you get me some money for my piggy bank?"
-When your father gets home after work in the evenings, you see him and ask "Dad, are you home?" even though he's right there.
-When you make us giggle you let out a big belly laugh and then say "I made you laugh didn't I?".  hehe, yes Ethan... you constantly make us laugh.
-After the lightest of spankings, spoken very dramatically: "OWE MOM!  That REALLY hurt me!"  And then at other times, after a pretty hefty spanking you will look at me and tell me very defiantly:  "That didn't hurt mom".  Ohhhh Ethan.

You are the child of 1,000 excuses.  We ask you to do something and you almost always give us some odd excuse as to why you can't.  For example we might ask "Ethan, can you please put your cars away".  You will reply "No mom, I can't because have an owie on my toe" or "No mom, I can't because my cars are way over there".  It's seriously ALWAYS something.

You are very needy and high maintenance. You have been needy and high maintenance since you were born, and I have a feeling you always will have these tendencies.  You can be clingy and shy and super needy to me when we go out in public.  You rarely just join a crowd and hop in and have fun.  Even when we are home you insist that I hold you or you need me or you want me for some reason.  I try to tell myself that I'll appreciate this someday when you are a big man and you still want to be with me :)  I try to just enjoy the moments that I get to snuggle with you... even if you insist that be while I'm cooking dinner, or trying to clean, or eat my own food.

You can also be fiercely independent at times. It's amazing how you can persistently insist I do something easy for you, like cover you with a blanket, adjust your pillow, set your milk on the table, etc; and yet at other times you just as persistently insist that you do something by yourself.  You are quite a contradiction :)  People tell me teenage girls are emotional and irrational, but I'm pretty sure they've never met you :)

The intensity of your tantrums is crazy.  Sometimes I just have to laugh, otherwise I might cry right along with you.  You just have so much emotion that you need to get out, and you do that by screaming, yelling or being unkind, which is not acceptable.  During those times we simply send you to your bedroom and tell you that you can get your emotions out in there, and then when you are ready to be nice to us, you can come out.  Sometimes you stay in there for 30 minutes yelling and screaming and crying.  Other times you are only in there for a few minutes before you regain your composure and come out and tell us "Okay Mommy, I'm ready to talk nice now" in a sugary sweet voice.

You are quite mischievous.  Seriously, you are always into something.  If it is quiet you are must likely doing something like stealing the change out of your dad's change drawer, climbing up on the counter to sneak candy, pushing buttons on the washing machine, tearing apart a book, coloring on your carpet, breaking something, turning the hose on and spraying everything, climbing onto something or doing a large variety of simply "naughty" activities.  The other day I came into the bathroom and you had used a whole container of hand soap and your toothbrush to "clean" my sink.  I appreciated the thought, however the execution wasn't quite right :)

You are fully potty trained.  You are always dry during your nap and you most often wake up dry in the morning (but we still put a diaper on you during the night for now).  Speaking of the potty, one of my not so favorite things is when we are out in public and you shout out commentary while I'm using the restroom.  Things like "wow mom, that's a lot of pee!" or other embarrassing things that I'd rather not have everyone else in the bathroom know :)

You adore your grandparents.  You and Grammy are "best friends". She calls you every morning and you make sure to tell her (and try to show her through the phone) whatever is going on at the moment.  You love going on dates with her and playing with her.  The other day you were pretending to be your Papa... walking around pretending to hand out candy hearts to everyone like he does, it was pretty cute.

You love to know how things work.  Your little mind constantly churns and churns.  I think your mind works very much like your engineer Daddy's... because your mom couldn't care less about how things work :)  I can't wait to see what that little mind of yours ends up doing as you grow up. 

You have a love/hate relationship with your sister (as I think most siblings do).  I love the times that you play nicely with her and talk to her in your sweet voice.  You look out for her and make sure to tell me if she's doing something dangerous, like eating rocks or plants, climbing something, or into something she shouldn't be.  Other times you get very upset because she invades your space and tries to "play" with you or take what you have.  You often react out of anger and yell at her, push her, hit her, kick her, or scream at her to "GET AWAY FROM ME 'LAYNA!"  We try to encourage the former behavior, and you always get punished for the latter.

This video is so totally "you" right now... I just love the way you talk.  You are wearing your "big red super jammies" as you refer to them, hehe.

Ethan coloring from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Oh my son,
You challenge me in ways I never expected.
I'm constantly learning how to parent you.
You constantly test my patience.
You make me laugh and giggle all the time.
Our conversations are precious.
I pray constantly that no matter what, you will love the Lord.
I adore our snuggles.
And most importantly, I adore YOU my little man!

Your Mama

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Number of pictures I was in when I uploaded pics to my computer... that was out of 1,000, lol.  I think I need to try to remember to get in a few more of my pictures.

Days until we move... so excited.... so much to do yet :)

Number of humongous glasses of ice water with fresh mint and cucumber I've been drinking per day.  It's my new favorite thing, and super refreshing.

Average number of tantrums this one has per day (post all about him coming soon)...
Days until my sweet little baby turns one... ahhhhh.
We got her finger unwrapped yesterday morning.  I think it looks pretty icky, but they assured me it actually looks good.  She will most likely have a fingernail, but her finger might be a little stumpy.  There is some dead tissue, and it will eventually fall off.  We'll see how it heals.  As the PA put it "kids this age are like salamanders, you'd be amazed what will grow back".  LOL
For now they want it left uncovered.  We're keeping a sock on her hand during the day so she doesn't pick and bite at it.

Number of frames I have that are waiting to be "re-done".  I have plans for them, trust me, I'm not collecting them in vain... and I can't wait to show you all when I get them finished and positioned in our new house :)  I picked up these guys last week at a neighbor's estate sale.  I got them along with a fun box of vintage sewing notions and some upholstery fabric and a fun slate chalkboard, all for a total of $19.00

Number of minutes my baby has been playing around in her bed this morning instead of napping.  On the plus side this has allowed me to blog and get some pictures organized, on the down side... she really needs her nap.

*Lastly.... a sneak peak at those night stands that we just refinished.  They turned out fabulous, but I'm not posting a picture of them finished until I put the hardware on, and I'm waiting to do that until they are in the new house.  Matt helped me paint them.  Spraying furniture with the paint sprayer and air compressor.... totally the way to do it.  Turned out fabulous and can be done really quickly.  As with all painting, the key is in the prep work :)

Ok... I really should get some more stuff done around the house.  That's all for now :)