Alayna loves to lift up her shirt and "beep" her belly button.
She has an outie right now.
I actually had an outie until about sixth grade, and then it went in.
Hopefully hers will too!
It's rather cute since she's only 1.
As long as she doesn't keep this up when she becomes a teenager, we're good :)

And yes.... my little monkey is standing on her table...
a daily occurrence (and source of injury) around here.


Jessy said…
Your daughter is just working on her balance with all that table standing! So cute....she really is a little cutie. Ever since you taught me about googlereader I have been loving waking up, laying in bed, and seeing all my friends new entries! Thanks jess.
Christy said…
Ahh better than standing on the kitchen counter like mine does. Beep!! :)
Eileen said…
So cute. What a blessing!

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