My kids have a thing for sugar.
Open a treat or put some sugar on the counter and they will come running.
The other night before our Tuesday night dinner (which we were hosting),
Alayna spotted this delicious trifle I made on the counter.

She immediately started trying to lift herself up onto the counter.
When she realized she couldn't, and that I would't give her any,
she got quite upset.

Don't mind the pulled out pig tails and dirty face,
that's pretty much how she looks at the end of every day :)



Christy said…
It's only a good day if you look like that in the end. :)
Charlee said…
Cute! She did keep in her ponies at church but we did bribe them with cheerios!
Jhen.Stark said…
I would do the same thing she did, that looks YUMMY!!!

And your little one, I love the dirty faced and pulled out pig tails! So cute!
Kelly said…
Love it! I also love how, when you have something you are eating in your hand, they just automatically reach for they OWN everything they want. :)
Rhonda said…
My kids are the same way about sugar. Curses!
Genn said…
What is it with kids and sugar?
Too funny. Did she get some later?

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