Comfortable in MY skin

 I've noticed something....
The older I get,
the more comfortable I am in my own skin.
I've noticed that I like me for ME.
I don't try to be anyone else.
I embrace what I enjoy.
I make no apologies for who I am.

I like growing older.
It seems like with each passing year my contentment with the little things grows.
I embrace the things I enjoy and savor the moments I can carve out of my day for me.
I've embraced the things I once considered flaws.
I've learned to love the body God gave me (while at least trying to keep it healthy).
I've learned to let the little things go (most of the time),
and embrace what really matters to me.
I've learned that I don't have to look like anyone else...
because I am unique...
I am ME.

I am so many things each day....
child of God

I think that when one wears so many hats,
and needs to be there for people all day long...
it is all the more important to embrace one's inner self.

I guess that's why I'm happy that I enjoy being ME.
Embrace yourself ladies...
YOU are beautiful!

I took these photos with my point and shoot while Matt was driving.
I was NOT the one driving :)



So my comment was going to be, "Please tell me Matt was driving." But then I saw your disclaimer. ;)

I am with you. As I get older, I am becoming much more comfortable in my own skin. Yesterday I was thinking about writing down the shifts in my priorities since I've been pregnant, preparing to be a mother. I think I'll post on that soon.

Call me this week when you have a free min. Miss you. xoxo
Genn said…
Great post. Great thoughts.

I did wonder how in the world you got that first shot while driving!!! Thanks for the disclaimer. I feel better now. :)
Kelly said…
I completely agree!! I think in addition to age, having kids has given me more perspective on what is really important. I do like surround myself with girls that aren't into, "keeping up with the Jones" as far as name brand everything being ultra important. I find myself becoming discontent with myself when I am surrounded by that too much and I don't like who I am.
Charlee said…
I have to say I agree after 30yrs of life I like me! and I am happy with who I am flaws and all!
Jolene Grace said…
30 was the magic age for me on this. I too am comfortable in my skin, and LOVE it! Lovely post sis.
Leslie said…
I totally nodded and agree with this too.. your such an awesome woman of God.....

and cool shots.. I like them.
What a wonderful post Jessica. I really need to remember this. You go girl! You inspire me a lot!!!
Jess-in agreement with so many of friends-this is such a wonderful place to be at in life. You are such a beautiful person inside and out-and every time we get together, I'm reminded of how much you exude confidence and that inner peace you describe! :) Keep it up girl!

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