Crafty makeovers

Yesterday during my kids' nap time I got to work on a couple of projects I had floating around in my mind.

I took one of my old frames (that I picked up for a few bucks at a thrift store),
spray painted it black,
cut out cardboard to put in the back,
covered it with the same red velvet as I used to recover my sewing desk chair,
then I used push pins to put ribbon on the board.
It can hold whatever I want it to... pictures, papers, reminders :)
I love that I was able to incorporate some more of that vibrant red.

I also spray painted this cute little metal basket.
It was another thrift store find :)
I will probably use it to hold my sewing scraps.

The last thing I did was to find a way to display the pictures from my Christmas cards.
In yeas past I have put them all on my fridge,
but ever since moving I love the sleek look of an uncluttered fridge, and don't hang anything on it.
I borrowed part of an idea from my friend Jolene in displaying my pictures this year.
I cut out all of the pictures from my Christmas cards,
and hung them on some twine I tacked to the wall behind my washer and dryer.
I love that I can now look at my friends and family and pray for them while I do laundry :)



Jessica said…
Those are awesome crafts!I love finding goodies at the thrift store and re-purposing them.
Jolene Grace said…
I just love your idea with the frame. So darn creative! Really cute basket too. Isn't it fun to get all DIY / Crafty? You rock!
Stacy said…
Love the style of that frame.. you are making me want to hit some thrift stores :-)
Very cute Jess! You're reminding me that i still need to post pics for a project I blogged about awhile back. I love you're vibrant colors-it reminds me of the fun whimsy colors of Martha Greens Eatery.
Jessy said…
Love it all!
I have one picture of family friends in my laundry room, along with some pics I took of Bobby in high school during baseball practice....and some of Ginger Rogers' shoes. My laundry room is such a hodgepodge of stuff to look at - kinda the place to put things up that I can't imagine where else in the house I can put them! BUT I LOVE your idea with the Christmas card pictures!!!! My stack is sitting here staring at me...THAT is what they want done with them!!!!

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