A Day in the life

It's Monday.
I decided to document our day... from beginning to end.
My friend Leslie did this a while back, and I thought it was fun.
There's nothing special about today, in fact it's quite boring.
However I think it's fun to look back and see the "typical".
It's also fun and challenging to take pictures of mundane things and try to make them seem a little interesting.
This is a long post, and probably pretty boring to most of you :)
So, here you go...

Monday, January 10th in all of it's glory.

3:30 am: Alayna is crying.  I stumble out of bed, make her a bottle and give it to her. She's cutting her top two molars and has awoken at 3:30 the past few nights.  It stinks.
4:30 am: Alayna cries for a few minutes then goes back to sleep.
5:30 am: Ethan wakes us up, Matt goes to his room.  We all go back to sleep.
6:20 am: Ethan is next to my bed asking to watch Clifford.  We are up for the day.  I'm tired.
7:00 am: I quickly get ready.  Decide it's a hat day.  I look down at the shirt I'm wearing, which I've worn only once and notice there's bleach stains on it.  Lovely.  That will teach me to clean toilets in clothes I like.
7:28 am: I stumble into the kitchen bleary eyed and groan at the dishes on the counter.  I pour myself my coffee... a MUST in the morning.  This morning we are enjoying Starbucks Christmas Espresso blend... so yummy.
7:30: Check the to-list on my phone.  I made it last night before bed.
7:32: Kiss handsome hubby goodbye as he leaves for work.
7:35: Sip my delicious coffee and make a little plan for the day.

7:52: My mom calls.  She calls everyday on her way to work.  Ethan runs to get the phone and won't let me have it.  He wants to talk to Grammy :)  I wrangle it away from him and chat with her for a few minutes.
8:05: Make myself breakfast, my current favorite, my healthy version of an Egg McMuffin.
8:10: Eat said breakfast while Ethan methodically wheels in one train track at a time and puts them on the counter telling me "I brought you a present for your birthday mom".  The kid has an imagination :)
8:23: First load of laundry goes in the washer
8:30: Ethan asks to watch Clifford.  I agree since the baby is still sleeping and this will allow me a little time to check e-mail/Facebook.

8:39: Sleeping beauty is up.  She's rarely up before 8:00 these days... and she goes to bed at 7:00.  The girl likes her sleep. I change my happy girl and get her ready for the day.
8:50: Make Alayna breakfast.  Ethan wants second breakfast.  Both kids eat french toast.  Only one plate gets knocked onto the floor... requiring me to clean up sticky syrup.
8:52: Ethan fusses because I won't let him have more orange juice
9:14: counters wiped with my favorite cleaning spray, kitchen floor swept, breakfast cleaned up... time for my second mug of coffee.
9:20: Second load of laundry going

9:32: Get Ethan dressed.  While doing so Alayna sneaks out back through the dog door and gets her socks all muddy.  I change her socks and close the laundry room door.
9:45: Play time
9:58: Third load of laundry going.
10:00: Fold the laundry I've been doing all morning.  I have my littlest "helper" following my every step and making sure to make messes for me to clean up along the way :)

10:15: Pack up diaper bags, put shoes on, get everyone out the door to run a few errands
10:32: Load up car with stuff that needs to go to the thrift store
10:38: Look down at my ring finger and remember I need to call the jeweler (where my ring is being repaired).  The diamond fell out on New Years day.  Thankfully we found it.
10:46: Pass the local coffee shop and decide I need another cup
10:58: Grocery shopping at the fruit stand.  I need lots of produce this week so I make the trek to the local fruit stand, because produce is cheaper here.
11:11: I bribed Ethan with the promise of gummy worms.  Of course Alayna got one too.  Yes, I bribe my children with candy.  Oh well.  At least it motivates them to behave!

11:20: Next stop, Staters.  We score a car shopping cart which keeps the kids happy.  Swing by the bakery and get complementary chocolate chip cookies.  Sweet... now I have a few minutes to shop in peace.  I need LOTS of groceries this week.
12:08pm: Return home.  Unload all the groceries.  Send the kids out to play and serve them lunch out there while I put away all the groceries.
12:18: Place the basil I bought up in my window.  I try to always have fresh basil on hand.  yum.

12:20: Walk out to take pictures of them and notice Alayna is FILTHY.  This is no surprise.  The child will find dirt no matter where she is.  Seriously, she stays clean for like 5 minutes.  In the time she's been outside she has dug in the dirt AND eaten it :)
1:00: Bring kids inside and clean them up.  Make myself lunch.  Get kids down for naps.

1:20: Ahhhhh.... peace and quiet as I eat my lunch.  I check my e-mail, read a couple of blogs, and of course check Facebook.
1:30: My mom calls and wants to know if we want to come over for dinner.  I say sure and put the chicken I had thawing back in the freezer.
3:00: Alayna is up from her nap.  Wow, that time flew by.  I was editing pictures and watching season 4 of Dexter.  I take Alayna to the family room and play.... while watching a little "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".  I know, I know.... not very quality to have on... but I really was engaging her while I watched it ;)

4:00: I put away more laundry, pack up diaper bags and jammies and prepare to head over to my mom's for dinner.
4:15: Ethan wakes up.  I pack up the kids and head over to my mom's.  Matt is meeting us there when he gets off work.
5:00: Arrive at my mom's.  I'm still wearing my bleach stained shirt and my Fuggs (fake Uggs... they are comfy and I don't care).  I'm just all kinds of classy today.
5:15: My brother arrives at my mom's.  He informs me I'm wearing ugly cankle boots and says they are totally unflattering.  I agree and tell him to buzz off.  haha.
5:25: Matt and my brother discover they both ripped the elbows of their dress shirts today.  We chuckle.

 (Ethan was only naked when I was putting him in his jammies... I just thought it was funny and snapped a picture).

6:00: We eat and hang out.  My mom plays with the kids.  We have dessert. We put them in their jammies and head home.

7:15: Arrive back home.  Alayna goes to bed at 7:00, so we don't really stay out late with her.  She gets tired and cranky.  I also decide I'm finished taking pictures for the day.... time to blog them!

9:37: If you're super curious, as I finish blogging I'm going to go plop on the couch with Matt for a while, then make my way to bed where I'll read for about thirty minutes before turning off the lights for the day (most likely around 11:00), and hoping my kids don't wake up tonight!

Whew, this was a lot of work, but kind of fun.
I enjoyed trying to capture the mundane.
Mondays are more of a "chore" day, and I normally don't plan anything fun for us.  It's mostly just catching up on housework.
For those of you who made it to the end, you are probably yawning.  :)


Genn said…
I made it to the end and I am totally not yawning! I love this idea of documenting a typical day in the life. So true. I chuckled a couple of times because it sounds a lot like some of my days. I might do this soon. Thanks for sharing.
Caitlin said…
Jess, this wasn't boring at all! I loved seeing a day in the life of the Hekmans :) You're a very gifted photographer and captured all of those little moments beautifully. I just might steal this idea!

See you tomorrow night!
Sarah R. said…
Well done! I'm in awe of all that you accomplish in one day. I feel like such a slacker. ; ) It's also amazing how far Alayna has come w/r/t sleeping -- a total flip flop. Awesome.
Brenda said…
I admire you for your hard work as a SAHM. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I wish I had a friend like you when I was raising my boy and girl twenty years ago (before we had a Starbucks or Mc Donalds in Yucaipa!).
Nikki said…
Very good post. And the scary thing is to think of all the things you did in there that you didn't put down... Wash hands, change diapers, help kids in bathroom, go to bathroom yourself, pick up toys etc.......
Kelly said…
Loved this! I think all SAHM's like reading what others do to fill their days. Like the pics too! I didn't realize you were such a coffee nut! And...what parents HASN'T bribed their kids in the store?? :)
Sarah Sherman said…
loved this! i really did! i loved seeing that we have a lot in common!
Christine said…
Awesome. i did this on my blog a while back...i wanted to start it up as a series. every so often the routine changes, ya know? And it will be fun to look back on. But I think every SAHM wants to see what the other SAHM is doing all day too. I hope more people follow suit and do it. ;)
Shelly McGuire said…
Salch! This was great! I have thought about doing this before, but will have to do it now!! Loved it!

Sheila said…
That was really great and extremely interesting. I really loved the photos, they made it feel as I was watching a movie.
krista said…
loved this. i have been wanting to do a post like this but a day in our life right now would scare people away...lol. maybe soon after things calm down a bit...they will calm down, right?!
love all of the pictures to walk us through your day :)
Jess, wow! I have been wanting to pick your and Jolene's brains about raising two kids, and know I understand a little better! So cool that you have this to look back on! It probably really opened Matt's eyes to all you do too! Really fun-thanks for sharing!
Colleen said…
Well done. I like this post. Thank you for sharing. It is comforting to know someone else out there is doing the same exact routine that we are doing. And I hear ya on the molars. We are going through that now... rough on the whole family.

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