Homeade Christmas Gifts

I mentioned that I was making a few homemade gifts for Christmas this year.  Now that my special recipients have received them, I will share what I made :)

I made cake stands using vintage plates, candle holders and various cups that I picked up from thrift stores and that awesome digger sale I went to a few months ago.  All I did was epoxy the two pieces together and I ended up with beautiful cake stands :)  Some are small, some are big.  I love the small ones when you want to serve something like truffles or other cute little thangs.

These pictures are not good at all....
I snapped them in a hurry just to show you the goods....

 I love milk glass and have a small collection.  When I came across the candle holders that I used on the bottom of this one (and another, I made two of these, one of which I kept for myself), I was stoked.  I got the pair for only 50 cents at a local thift store.   I already have four of these awesome plates on hand, but then scored two more at the same thrift store for my cake plates.

This last picture is courtesy of Jolene, these are the two cake plates I made her.
  I stole this from her blog :)
I made a few more but didn't take pictures of them.
This was such a fun Christmas gift.
The hardest part was finding the plates and bases!


Heather said…
I LOVE this idea! SO cute! You did a GREAT job! :)
So cute Jess! Can I place my order please! I can't believe you just came up with this. What a fantastic idea!!!
Kim said…
Popped over from Genn's blog. HOW cute are those??!? I love a good thrift store find. What a clever idea to turn them into cake plates!
Jolene Grace said…
One word: ADORE. I am in love with my cake stands. I might be borrowing this idea...hope you don't mind. You are an inspiration with your creativity. Love you!!!
Michaela said…
Okay this is amazing!! You are super creative talented!! I love this idea so much (: I bet your family just ooohed and awwwed over them!
Eileen said…
What a GREAT idea!!!

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