*I finally got my act together and planned a menu for the week (something I used to do regularly but got out of the habit of doing since I've been so busy).
On the menu this week:

Monday: Coconut crusted chicken with cashew-curry sauce over brown rice
Tuesday: Pioneer Woman's pasta with tomato cream sauce, garlic bread, salad, tiramisu for dessert (it's our turn to host our Tuesday night dinner).
Wednesday: London broil, potatoes Au Gratin, salad, homeade ice cream
Thursday: Chipotle shrimp tacos and salad
Friday: homemade pizza... Pioneer Woman's caramelized onion and prosciutto with fresh mozzarella

*Our kids have been waking up a few times a night since we returned from vacation.  Alayna is cutting both of her top molars, so that explains her waking up, but Ethan woke up FOUR times last night. We realized he was waking up because his footie jammies were too tight and his feet were hurting (he kept saying he had owies on his feet).  Tonight he's in sweats and we're hoping for a better night of sleep!  We're tired!  Last night one of them was up basically every hour.  On the plus side we all took a nice two hour nap after church today.  It was very much needed.

*Ethan sweet talked my mom into coming over tonight.  They are currently snuggled up on the couch watching Clifford (his favorite).

*Matt finally got the ok to be back on his ankle.  We can now get back to work around our many house projects.  Next up on the list is getting my office finished (YAY!).

*It's been nice to have a few slow weeks with my photography business.  It's allowed me a chance to re-group and figure out what I need to work on around here (and post lots more on my blog!).  Yesterday we spent the day tackling our very messy garage.  We had basically just thrown everything in there when we moved in.  We spent all day working on it and made huge progress.  We actually have a HUGE attic, which is pretty wonderful.  Random things we found up there yesterday: part of a drum set, a really cool antique chair which you will see in a photoshoot soon, an old piano bench (which I like and am going to re-cover), a nasty old rollaway cot, and a really old antique spinning wheel which is falling apart.

*It's a new year, which means it's time to order my blog book for 2010!  This is a lengthy process for me, since I'm picky about the layouts and sizes of my pictures.... so I go through and adjust each page.  I use Blurb.... they do a good job.

*I'm wearing my Snuggie while I blog... cuz I'm cool like that :)



Unknown said…
I have been craving that PW pizza ever since I saw it but have never gotten around to making it, I hope its delish!
Charlee said…
Snuggie peeps are cool! I wear mine often. Breven out grew footie jammies at about that age I got him some good flanel pants and white t-shirts(like a 5pack at walmart) then we got him off color thick socks and thats what he slept in or we put extra layer blanket on the bed.
Kelly said…
I'm impressed with your menu! Do you not have leftover nights? Or do you use those for lunches?

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