An Icky Week

Matt's been out of town all week for work,
and the kids have been sick.
Fevers, runny noses, icky sickies.
On the plus side they've slept good every night but last night.
Alayna was fussy and miserable and up a lot of the night.
To say I'm tired today is an understatement.
Days like this remind me how grateful I am to be sleeping normally again...
after that year of insomnia,
I will NEVER again take sleep for granted.

This past weekend I had a photoshoot in Laguna beach.
My mom took the kids for the afternoon and my handsome hubby came along to assist.
I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of him...
and of course the gorgeous sunset.

He took my camera and snapped one of me...
my hair does not like the beach climate :)

I have no idea what these are... I think some kids built them.  I thought they looked pretty cool.

Matt took this one of me too :)

Notice the photographer on the right.
It was funny...
the sun started setting and a plethora of photographers descended upon the beach.
Along with me there was someone shooting engagement photos, maternity photos, family photos and a few others as well.
It was a hot spot!

Ahhhh.... sunsets at the beach...


Crystal Keilers said…
Laguna is one of my favorite cities, if not my "most" favorite. Beautiful pictures.
Sorry you are having a rough week! Hope it has gotten better! I love Laguna beach! I have only been there once (we live in Northern Cali) and I can't wait to go there again!
Genn said…
Sorry you are having a rough week Jessica. Hope Matt is home soon!
And if you think you have bad beach hair, you don't even wanna see what my hair looks like down at the beach! You might be scared. :)
Christy said…
Glad your hubby is home and hope you all are on the mend. :) Its hard being alone.
Jolene Grace said…
Sorry you had a rough week sis. On a positive note, it is awfully nice that you got to spend alone time the weekend before and the weekend after his trip though. :)

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