January Days

The weather the past couple of weeks has been amazing. We've enjoyed playing in the back yard, going to the park, and making the most of not having to hunker down from icky weather.

Alayna loves to play with Cookie... it's super cute to watch

Once in a while I like to bring my Netbook out back with me, prop my feet up and read blogs while my kids play. It's relaxing... for about 2 minutes until I have to chase after someone, pull dirt out of someone's mouth, punish someone... or... well... you get the point :)

I picked up this three pack of cups at Costco and I love them... I always have one by my side
 I attempted to paint my nails red the other day.  
They looked pretty for about... 30 minutes :) 
I was reminded why I do not pain my nails, lol.
Look at the view behind me....
that's Oak Glen in the reflection of my kitchen window.
Our backyard may have a long way to go in getting pretty again,
but at least the view is gorgeous.
I enjoy it every single day.



Charlee said…
Janurary has been super nice and I like the shoes in the feet up pic!
Brigitte said…
So much to be thankful for. Very fun.
SSchenkel said…
My thoughts were the same as Charlee's--cute shoes!
Annette said…
You are so blessed. 20+ years up here and I still miss seeing the mountains...sigh
Your nails and toes are adorable! Those cups are awesome! And I love your beautiful view! Yet another reason why I really want to stay in Yucaipa! :)

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