My Silly Kids

My crazy little monkies make me laugh.
They are always up to something.
The other evening I walked into the dining room and found Ethan like this with Alayna's baby cradle (which was actually mine as a little kid).

In addition to my two kids, I have a third child... 
a rat terrier who constantly begs for attention and doesn't get as near as much love as she'd like :)

I've mentioned that Alayna is a monkey, and I'm really not exagerating.  
The child climbs anything and everything. 
She is a danger to herself.
If I leave the door to my bathroom open, she runs in and immediately climbs into Matt's sink.
She's crazy.

You know you're jealous of that pretty blue tile and those awesome brass fixtures :)


Tonda Lynk said…
I have 2 rat terriers...but im trying to find new homes for mine :(

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