Popcorn Party

The other evening after Alayna went to bed I popped some popcorn for Ethan.
He decided to have a little "party" with all of his buddies...
Pluto, Clifford, both Brown Teddies and Blue Teddy.
Everyone got to have popcorn.
It was really cute,
I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.



Crystal Keilers said…
It's amazing to me how big your kiddos are now. I look at your family pic just last Easter and Alayna is so much bigger now.

Though I am "really" jealous of those brass fixtures, you may want to just paint them. One of the authors of the blogs that I follow painted her brass chandelier:


Of course I always think things are way easier than they turn out to be. Esp lately ;). And YES, let's talk this week. Call me when you have a free mommy moment. xoxoxo!
Jolene Grace said…
This is JUST PRECIOUS. What a darling boy.

I'm with Crystal on the painting. That's what we've done with just about all of our brass fixtures.

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