Rag to the Muffin

I've mentioned it many times before....

 but Alayna is a dirt magnet.

If dirt is nearby,
she will find it within minutes.
Seriously... it only takes her a few minutes to go from 
squeaky clean,
to mega ragamuffin.

She will dig her hands through dirt, 

put it in her mouth,

smear it on her face,

get it all over her clothes,

and anywhere else she possibly can.
 I figure the girl is either building up her immune system,
or going to end up with ringworm.

The funny thing is that her brother never got anywhere as near as dirty as she gets on a daily basis.
What is it about this child and dirt?
Despite my best efforts, 
she is filthy in a matter of minutes.

So, I guess.....
If God made dirt,
then dirt don't hurt.



This is hilllll-ar-ious! How cute is little Alayna! What great shots!

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