My kids have been quite something lately.
really difficult.
Between being sick, teething, Alayna wanting to talk more than she can and in turn getting upset constantly,
lots of crabby whining and screaming has been happening at my house.
Seriously, If one child is not screaming,
the other one is.

Some days lately I literally feel like I want to loose my mind.

The fighting between my two seemed to have started so early....
it's a rare moment to have my kids playing nicely together.
Mostly, it's that Ethan will randomly hit or smack or push Alayna,
or yell at her,
and then she is quite dramatic about it and lets the whole world know just how upset she is.
We work a lot about being kind...
using kind words,
playing nicely together.
Unfortunately it seems to not be doing any good lately :(

The moments that we catch them playing peacefully together are bliss...
pure bliss I tell you.
They can be so sweet together (and it's usually just that Ethan decides to be sweet, Alayna will always willingly play with him).
I know this is just the beginning, right?
Siblings often seem to have a love/hate relationship growing up.
I guess I just have to keep praying that the bond they have will remain strong,
as they might possibly only have one another
(because quite honestly this mama does not have the desire to gestate another baby).
we will keep on working on things over here...
and I'll probably be saying that for the rest of the time they live with us :)

In the meantime,
I will cling to sweet pictures like this one....
because sweet moments DO happen...
sometimes :)



Charlee said…
Thats how it was when Breven was 4 and Aubree was about 18mo and now they still fight but they play together for extended periods as they get older and know when to walk away from each other! I love it when my 2 play family with Aubree's dollhouse almost kills me when I have to make them stop because its so sweet. Its gets better as they get older!
Tonda said…
I think im just super lucky, my kids are only nice to eachother and hardly ever fight..... ask Charlee they are pretty much best friends and even begged to share a room and sleep together
Carly said…
Love the precious photo of your two little ones!
Stacy said…
my kids have always fought but my 14 and 18 year olds are bffs now and NEVER fight.. some hope for ya :-)
krista said…
hang in there...
i am not looking forward to the all.

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