Snapshots of our weekend

Thanks to my handy dandy point and shoot I have a few snapshots from our weekend....

Date night on Friday night.
Drinks at the wine bar (Time in a Bottle),
followed by a tasty meal at Romanos.
My mom babysat (and she even offered, I didn't ask!).

Dinner at the Flores casa on Saturday.
Oh my was it tasty (of course it always is).
Jolene is an amazing cook... and baker!
The amazing thing was that for a brief time we had all four adults AND all four kids sitting at the table eating dinner!  That's a rare thing with all the littles :)

Alayna found some beads and was acting super girly and cute with them.
It was making us laugh.
Gotta love her little Pebbles ponytail :)

The kids even got to watch a movie in a tent while the adults enjoyed dessert and conversation.
Tents make everything more fun.

Thankfully they both took long naps that day because we didn't get home until almost 9:30.

Sunday was church.
The service was awesome.
Love, love, love our new pastor.
Right now he's preaching on TULIP (the 5 points of Calvinism.... we go to a reformed church),
which is not something that is not easy to preach on!
I look forward to church every week.
After church we went to Mill Creek with Matt's parents.
While the service is often a bit slow... the meat makes up for it!

Like this picture?  My father in law and me being supa cheesy

 Alayna was tired from being out late the night before,
and due to the slow service was a bit done with sitting in her high chair.
I took her outside and she was happy to play in the patio area for a bit.

So there...
our weekend in snapshots!


Genn said…
A weekend that includes a date night is always a good weekend in my book! :)

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