A throwback

I came across these pictures when I was cleaning out my picture files.
This was the first month I had my DSLR.... it was August 2008.
Matt snapped these of me in our backyard.
This makes me miss having a lush, landscaped backyard.
Right now we have a jungle :)
Oh, and that baby boy is pretty cute too.
My how he's grown :)
... and my, how I've grown as a photographer since then :)

Ok, one more....
I'm posting this because it makes me laugh.
This was back in May, when I officially started my business.
I was shooting the Paino Family in downtown Riverside and Matt came along with me.
He snapped this of me because I was shooting in front of the UCR Photography museum.
The thing that makes me laugh, is the fact that I'm laughing.
I find myself doing this ALL THE TIME with clients.
I try to make them laugh by telling a really stupid joke, or telling them to smile,
and inevitably, I find myself smiling and laughing as well while I shoot.
I must look kinda funny :)
Really this photo is NOT FLATTERING AT ALL...
but it makes me laugh.



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