Time Away

This past week Matt and I had the opportunity to go away together for three days.  This was actually my Christmas present to him.  We had not been away together since I was pregnant with Alayna.  This was our first trip away since having kids that I wasn't pregnant and could drink and have fun (not that I have to drink to have fun, lol) :)

We had our wonderful babysitter Danielle stay with the kids at our house, and we packed up and headed to Coronado.  We stayed at the Loews Resort, which was really nice, and super reasonable.  I had never actually been to Coronado.  I ended up loving it.

Our room had a beautiful view of the harbor.
The first day it was cloudy and cold, but the other two days we were there it was sunny and beautiful.  I don't think it ever dropped below 60 degrees.
the view from our balcony
After checking into our hotel we went and explored Coronado for a bit.  We checked out the Hotel Del Coronado, and walked around and took some fun pictures on the beach.  I didn't bring my DSLR along... just my little point and shoot.  We were having fun playing around with it.  Who says you can't take fun pictures with a point and shoot???
yes.... I am jumping off that ledge in the bottom left picture.  What can I say... I'm a dork!

We picked up a pizza to go and brought it back to our hotel.  We left it in our room and went downstairs and enjoyed some yummy cocktails at the bar.  When we were hungry we went back up to our room and sat out on our balcony while we sipped wine and ate the pizza.  This is one of the things we regularly do when we go out of town (have pizza and wine in our hotel room).  We find it incredibly fun and relaxing :)

Honestly, one of my favorite parts of our trip was just being able to sleep in in the morning, and sip coffee in bed with the news on.  It was divine.  I have never enjoyed a little trip away as much as I enjoyed this one.  It was so great to hang out together, talk as much as we wanted, relax and do whatever we felt like :)

After relaxing in our room for a while on Tuesday morning, we put on our robes, went down to the spa, and enjoyed a glorious couples massage.  Massages are one of my favorite splurgey treats in the whole world :)  It was so nice to relax and be pampered.  After our massages we went out to the private spa and layed out and read for a while.  Can you beleive it was warm enough to lay out in January??

Later that afternoon we went out and explored in the Gaslamp District in San Diego.  I was excited to drive over the Coronado bridge since I'd never been on it.  We wound up at Horton Plaza where we did a little shopping.  Around dinner time we went back to Coronado and had dinner at a yummy place we'd passed earlier. 

The food was divine.  We enjoyed every last bite :)  These pictures are specifically for my friend Kelly because she always likes to know what we eat in restaurants :) Matt had the fresh sea bass with a balsamic reduction... it was seriously the most tender fish I've ever tasted.  I had a homeade pasta with fresh scallops and several kinds of mushrooms in a white truffle cream sauce.  It was delicious... and very rich.  Oh, and we enjoyed a yummy bottle of wine... no dessert :)
After dinner we walked down to the beach and I got to sink my feet into the sand... at night!  We seriously hadn't been to the beach at night forever.  It was so fun.

On Wednesday we enjoyed lounging in our room all morning before having to check out.  We then headed back over to where the Hotel Del Coronado is and hung out on the beach for a bit. 

We found a cute cafe and had lunch, then headed back to reality :) 
Here are pictures of our lunch...
I had a Thai shrimp salad and Matt had a salmon sandwhich, both were delicious.

The best part about coming back home was greeting our cute kiddos, who we actually got the chance to miss :)  They did great with Danielle and we were happy to see them.

We agreed that we need to do trips like this more often.  Now that our kids are getting bigger, it's not so hard.  This trip was just what the doctor ordered!!!


Kelly said…
*We honeymooned on Coronado and LOVED it. We loved driving around all the cute beach houses.
*So glad you could sleep in and watch the news in bed...priceless!
*Thanks for the menu addition. While it's a tragedy you ordered seafood, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hehe.
*Also loved that you included that you got wine over dessert. Ha!!
*Sounds like a wonderful time for you and Matt. :)
Genn said…
I've always wanted to stay at The Del. What a great getaway. I am so jealous that you know someone who would stay at your house and that you trust with your kids for that long. We are planning a vacay in Hawaii for our 1th anniversary in summer 2012. I know it sounds far away, but I dream about it all the time!
Fun pictures you got with the point n shoot too.
krista said…
What a great getaway....we looove Coronado :) Awesome that Danielle stayed at your house with the kids too!

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