Valentine's Banner & other stuff

I have a current affection for bunting banners.
I think they make a room look instantly festive.
I've been making them for every holiday.
Here is my Valentine's banner (which I also used for a photoshoot).
I whipped this up the other morning out of scraps from my scrap pile :)

I hung these three canvasses in our hallway the other week.
I love how they look.
I want to get a few more canvasses for our home.

I like them right here because we have a skylight,
so they have nice natural light on them during the day, despite being in a long hallway.
The doorway to the left of them is my laundry room....
to the right is the kitchen pantry.

My gift cards were causing my wallet to be too bulky to snap shut.
I whipped up a little gift card holder to keep in my purse.
It literally took me a few minutes,
and in true fashion looks pretty hacked together,
but I was proud :)
Plus, I used scraps... so it cost me nothing to make.



Jessica said…
The banners are so cute!
Kelly said…
I love the banner! Seems like a fun thing to make with kids too (out of paper maybe instead).
Mom H said…
You are so clever, very nice!
Nikki said…
You are so crafty!!! I love it! I really like the canvas'.
Rachel said…
love the banner! and those canvases - gorgeous! such a beautiful little family!
jo said…
I love it all! awesome job. I may even steal some of your ideas!!!! :)
Christy said…
Oh Jess, I love the Valentine banner. I LOVE Valentines. If you just happen to have some extra scraps laying around and just happen to have time to make me one I would soooo pay for it. I think they are cute and totally make the room festive. I just NEVER could get one to look as cute as yours. Seriously you should sell them on ETSY. Email me if you want to sell one. I would buy one for my friend Kristi as well. Oh she said to say Hi! :)
Rhonda said…
Love the banner.
LOVE the canvases.
And great idea to make a little holder for the gift cards.

By the way, what company do you use for printing canvas? I ordered from Pixel2canvas for the first time at Christmas and am beyond impressed. And if you follow canvasrox on twitter, she has great sales. I also LOVE the metal prints and can't wait to purchase some to hang outside - they are weather proof.

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