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Beanbags, glasses and pretty things

I got my glasses.
It's nice to be able to see.
I noticed that I was still getting headaches when I was just wearing them for reading...
so I tried wearing them all day long, and I felt better.
I'm getting used to wearing them.
Here are a few pictures of me wearing them...

The other day I came across this fun tutorial and pattern for some cute numbered beanbags.  I quickly pinned them to one of my boards in Pinterest, and then when I felt like sewing and was home-bound with sick kids, decided to make them.  Honestly they took longer than I anticipated.  The project probably took about four hours of time, and I was thinking it would take closer to two.  It was the little numbers that took the most time, but they make the beanbags if you ask me.  My kids like tossing them around and we can do visual math with them :)

The white muslin...
that was leftover fabric from my IKEA curtains :)
I love when I can use remnants from one thing, to create something else.

I love planting things …

Miss Alayna at 17 1/2 Months

My sweet little miss,
In only a few more weeks you will be a year and a half!  Ahhhhh! Since you turned one it seems like time is seriously flying by. The baby is leaving you more and more each day and you are becoming a little girl.This is sad and fun all at the same time.  I love watching you learn and explore every day.  It seems like you pick up something new on a daily basis.

It's amazing how much you pick up from watching your older brother.  You do far more than he did at this same age, and most of it is from simply watching him.  The other day I was watching you sit in the living room and totally pretend to cook food, eat it, and drink.  It was super cute and amazed me that you were already pretending like that.

You are such a sweet little girl.
You giggle and laugh and are amused by the littlest things.
You make me smile in a serious way.

You are starting to say more and more words.  You'll try to repeat almost anything we ask you to say.  Some of the words you say d…


Have you heard of Pinterest?
It's changed my life...
I know that sounds silly, but let me explain...

It's basically a site where you visually bookmark anything you've come across online.
You create "boards" and then when you come across a yummy recipe, a craft you want to create, something you want to do with your kids, a DIY project you want to emulate ...
you "pin" it to one of your boards.
The "pin" is basically a bookmark to that website, but with a picture, which makes it visual.
You can also browse other people's boards and "re-pin" things they pinned.

I've found this to be EXTREMLY useful.
I so often read blogs and come across ideas I want to remember...
things I want to emulate, or things that give me inspiration...
but then I forget where I saw it.
Now I have all of my "want to dos" in one place...
and it looks so pretty!

This week I felt like sewing one day.
I pulled up my "want to sew"…

Apple Munching

Honestly I think only a photog freakazoid like myself would take a series of pictures of  her kid eating an apple and think it was beautiful :) But seriously,  I love this series of photos....
I love finding beauty in the ordinary. The End :)


During one of our sick days at home Ethan an I busted out the Memory game while Alayna was still napping.  Ethan kept getting annoyed at me for taking pictures and not being on top of my turn :)

Vintage Finds

I stop into my favorite thrift stores here in Yucaipa once every couple of weeks, and sometimes once a week if I have the chance.  This morning the kids and I spent a few hours at the park where they enjoyed playing and being out of the house, despite it being a bit chilly.  On the way home I stopped in at 2 of my favorite stores, and then even found a third one I had never been too.  The ladies know me in the stores I frequent and are very sweet to my kids. 

I scored some good finds today... all for the grand total of $9.00.

These blue glass things are going to be made into little cake plates . The other glass items are most likely going to become cake plates as well. I love pretty cake stands :)  I love this fabric... several yards for only $1.00.  Fabric can be expensive, so coming across a find like this excites me.   I'm giong to try my hand at making a dress for Alayna with it.  I have a cute pattern I am giong to try to use.
This will probably be used to adorn some sort of fabri…

I can blog from my phone

I'm excitied that Blogger finally came out with an Android app.  I can now blog from my phone! Yesterday the kids and I hung out at my mom's house for a couple of hours sun she was off.  My stir crazy kids were very happy to get out of the house for a while.  They came home and rewarded me with three hour naps...  yay. I took this cute picture of them with my phone while we were there.

A weekend of food

Since we've done almost nothing the past several days I've had a chance to catch up on all my cooking magazines.  I've found so many amazing recipes that I have torn out and plan on making soon.  I planned my menu for this week and thought I'd share a couple of recipes for anyone who's interested.

Today I made these amazing Spinach and Mushroom quesadillas from Pioneer Woman.  Of course nothing I ever make from her is bad.  They were delicious and I'd give them a 9.5... maybe even a 10!  I didn't have goat cheese and I used cheddar in it's place.

-Coconut chicken fingers with sweet chilie dipping sauce (Cooking Light)
-Roasted brussel sprouts with a balsamic reduction (this is just something I throw together... so yummy)
-Roasted red potatoes

Tuesday: (it's our turn to host our dinner with our friends)
-Potato and Cheddar soup.  I made this on Friday and we enjoyed it a lot... especially being sick.  I made a few adjustments.  I sauteed the oni…

A few happy tidbits

Despite the ickiness that has invaded our house lately there have been a few things that have made me smile....

Delicious, fresh oranges in a beauitful milk glass bowl that was given to me by my sweet sister in law Annette.
The view I get to enjoy from my dining room window. Matt got me a bird feeder for Valentine's Day (I had mentioned I wanted one). It's amazing how much I enjoy watching them eat and play. My kids love watching them as well. Oh, and it's hanging on a tulip tree, which is blooming right now.. and that makes me happy too!   So pretty.

Fresh blueberry muffins on a rainy Saturday morning. My sweet sis Jolene (my best friend)... we were having dinner the other week and realized we both were wearing the same flowers in our hair, just different colors :)

My sweet family opening their little gifts on Valentine's Day