Beanbags, glasses and pretty things

I got my glasses.
It's nice to be able to see.
I noticed that I was still getting headaches when I was just wearing them for reading...
so I tried wearing them all day long, and I felt better.
I'm getting used to wearing them.
Here are a few pictures of me wearing them...
I'm a dork

The other day I came across this fun tutorial and pattern for some cute numbered beanbags.  I quickly pinned them to one of my boards in Pinterest, and then when I felt like sewing and was home-bound with sick kids, decided to make them.  Honestly they took longer than I anticipated.  The project probably took about four hours of time, and I was thinking it would take closer to two.  It was the little numbers that took the most time, but they make the beanbags if you ask me.  My kids like tossing them around and we can do visual math with them :)

The white muslin...
that was leftover fabric from my IKEA curtains :)
I love when I can use remnants from one thing, to create something else.

I love planting things in pretty containers, like my milkglass.
It makes me so happy to be able to use my pretty glassware for fun things.
My mom gave me a cute little primrose the other day, so I planted it in one of my milkglass thingers.  I have it in my kitchen window and it makes me happy.

Speaking of happy things in my kitchen window,
I spotted these lovely birdies in my mom's collection of glassware and she kindly let me have them.
They were my grandmother's (my dad's mom).
Thanks Grandma... they are pretty!

One last thing...
it snowed a little at our house this weekend.
It didn't stick around for long, but the mountains behind our house look amazing.



Mom H said…
Are those icicles on the fence or just weathered wood? You got more snow than us!!
Cute beanbags Jess! I like the fabric numbers. How did you adhere them to the muslin? Sewn, iron-on? I can sew in a straight line, but that's about it, unless I hand stitch stuff/

Way cute!!

I'm pinning your #'s pic :)
Jolene Grace said…
LOVE the beanbags. You are right, the numbers make them!
Crystal Keilers said…
LOVE the beanbags! And your glasses are cute =).
Holly said…
love the glasses and love the sweater! You are so not a dork! :)

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