Family Pictures

We finally got some family pictures taken this week... yay!
I am in LOVE with them...
I had a vision, and they turned out how I hoped :)
Jennifer Stark of Stark Love Photography did them,
she's actually the same lovely lady who designed my blog.
She's a gem of a gal I met at TMOMS this year.
She has a heart and a passion for the hurt and needy,
and she has a pretty cool story.
Thank you SO SO SO much Jehn, I LOVE them!!!  :)

In true fashion,
it was near impossible to get my kids both looking at the camera and smiling,
but that's okay...
that's life right now :)

Here are a few of my favorites...
ok a LOT of my favorites,
in no particular order



Mom H said…
Jess, I love all of them, they turned out so good!
Nikki said…
There are so good!
Kelly said…
Wonderful! So many favorites. I love the family one where Ethan is looking down at the ground, holding onto Matt's leg. Something so sweet about him hugging his daddy's leg. Beautiful job Jenn!!!
Jolene Grace said…
They are all so beautiful! WOW! Love love love the pics of you and Alayna. :)
LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEE all of these amazing pics! You must be so excited to have such a wonderful gallery of your family! I'm sure deciding which ones to print will be the tricky part! I LOVE the one of Matt and you with his arms around you! SO PRECIOUS!! Oh, and the "tea party" looking one with the blanket and fresh flowers, etc. So cute Jess!!!
Bro said…
Great photos!
Genn said…
What a fun photo shoot it looks like you guys had! They all turned out beautiful.

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