Felt Flowers

I made these cute little felt flowers after reading my friend Crystal's tutorial.
They were super easy to make and I glued them all onto a piece of felt and made a cute barrette for myself.
I'm quite pleased with the finished product even though they look no where near as nice as Crystal's  :)

I'm sure I'll be making more of these little cuties for different things,
especially since they are so simple and inexpensive to make.


Nikki said…
Very cute! Those would look cute on a headband for a little girl too... On an infant for pictures would be very precious as well :)
Crystal Keilers said…
Those are adorable =). I love that you made a clip. Perfect gift idea, thanks ;).

And almost all of my projects starts with someone else's idea and then I make it my own =).
Rhonda said…
What a great way to use the flowers. You need to post a picture of yourself wearing the clip :)

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