A few happy tidbits

Despite the ickiness that has invaded our house lately there have been a few things that have made me smile....

Delicious, fresh oranges in a beauitful milk glass bowl that was given to me by my sweet sister in law Annette.

The view I get to enjoy from my dining room window.
Matt got me a bird feeder for Valentine's Day (I had mentioned I wanted one).
It's amazing how much I enjoy watching them eat and play.
My kids love watching them as well.
Oh, and it's hanging on a tulip tree, which is blooming right now..
and that makes me happy too!  
So pretty.

Fresh blueberry muffins on a rainy Saturday morning.
My sweet sis Jolene (my best friend)...
we were having dinner the other week and realized we both were wearing the same flowers in our hair, just different colors :)

My sweet family opening their little gifts on Valentine's Day

Wow... this cheese face was the best picture I got!



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