A few Random Bits from Yours Truly

A post full of random thoughts and pictures of me :)

*For the past few weeks I have been getting HORRIBLE headaches every afternoon.  This makes me cranky and irritable and not very patient with my kids.  Turns out... I need glasses!  Hopefully they come in this week.  I'm not excited about wearing glasses, but pretty desperate not to have headaches anymore.  I will hopefully only need to wear them for reading, computer work, and night driving.

*I've really been digging R&B lately.  I especially love to listen to it while I cook.  I dance to it.  It makes me happy.

*I finally got Lightroom.  Now I need to learn how to use it.  Hopefully it will streamline my workflow.

*I've done a lot of boudior shoots this month... and I also had one done myself.  Ladies, if you've yet to do this... it's fun, and I've never felt so beautiful.  I highly recommend it :)

*I made coconut ice cream yesterday for dessert... it was quite delicious and something I will definitely make again.

*I realized this week that cake decorating is NOT my thing.  I purchased my first little cake decorating tools a few months ago from Michaels.  I decided to try to make some pretty cupcakes for the Valentine's party I had for the mom's group that I'm in charge of at my church.  This was the first and last time I will attempt cake decorating.  My husband lovingly told me that perhaps this was one hobby I should stay away from :)  I have neither the patience nor talent to make pretty cupcakes.  The mess I created combined with my frustration over it all.... well.... let's just say it wasn't pretty.  I will happily leave the cake decorating to my dear friend Jolene, who makes works of art out of sugar.  I will gladly stick to photography, hack sewing, and crafting :)

*Since marrying Matt nearly 9 years ago, I almost always make us a yummy breakfast on Saturdays.  Pancakes from scratch, Belgian waffles, muffins, omelets, ... and lately I've added Dutch Baby's to the rotation. No, I am not referring to a gestating baby in my belly, but rather a delicious breakfast treat that is super easy to throw together.  Here is the recipe I use.... and we put REAL maple syrup on top.  Super yummy, easy, and everyone enjoys it.

*At least one member of our family has been sick for the past month.  I'm looking forward to having everyone healthy at the same time again.

*I recently joined a gym near my house and am canceling my LA Fitness membership.  Sadly, I rarely make it to the gym since having Alayna because... well... just because I have a whole lot of excuses.  Now I will be able to work out with my dear friend Faith, and not have to drive very far to do it.  I am SO ready to get back to the gym and get back into shape.  I feel like this is the most out of shape I've ever been.



Heather Hekman said…
Glad you are finding relief for your headaches. It seems you are always learning new things.
Jolene Grace said…
Beautiful pics, sis. You'll be so cute with glasses. BTW, you are pretty darn amazing. AT EVERYTHING. :)
Charlee said…
I wear glasses for the same reson it makes a huge difference in the first week it takes a few days but when eye strain is corrected it helps! I spent more then I wanted on cool glasses but they are worth it if you wear them!

Yea for joining the gym if you ever get bored there you can always try out Jazzercise in Yucipa they have babysitting worked into the cost!

I have the stuff for Ethan all pulled just washing the last jackets before I put them in the bag. I found more stuff hiding in the coat closet this week!
Rhonda said…
Glasses aren't that bad. Yay for no more headaches.
LOVE the b&w picture for you. And I'm a bit envious of your Lightroom purchase. One day. I just can't justify it since I own Photoshop CS5 and know how to use it. Lightroom would just streamline the work a lot.
I have glasses for the same reason...it's not so bad. :) Love your saturday breakfast tradition, and have tried to emulate it when I can. :) Oh, and if THIS if the most out of shape you've ever been...I'll gladly take your out of shape body over mine ANYDAY! :) Ypu're a stunner and you have two kids!
Sheila said…
Question about the Dutch Baby, what pan do you use to bake it? I don't have cast iron, you think I could get away with something else?
Jessica said…

I make in a stoneware pie plate all the time. The key is just to use something big... don't use a standard pie tin.
Crystal said…
I think you'll look super cute in glasses. And hats off on the gym, working out with a friend is always a better idea for me =).
Christy said…
You DO work out, you chase kiddos all day. :) I think you will look cute with glasses AND feel better.

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