Kindness Hearts

We've been struggling with kindness around here big time...
especially with Ethan.
It's something we talk about and work on daily.
When I read this post from Leslie I immediately got out my Cricut and cut out about 25 hearts.
These are our kindness hearts.
When someone is kind we staple a heart to a string.

We've stapled a heart....
When Ethan was kind to Alayna and played nicely with her (something that he struggles with quite a bit right now),
A heart when Alayna shared her snack with Ethan,
A heart when Mommy took the kids to Target and got them popcorn and lemonade,
A heart when Ethan kindly answered our request and obeyed with a plesant attitude,
....and the list goes on.

Hopefully by Valentine's we will have quite a few of these strung around our home,
signifying something super important....

Thank you for the fun idea Leslie!



Jolene Grace said…
So cute. Great way of using positive reinforcement, while getting Valentine's decorating in too. :)
REALLY cute idea! I will totally steal this and use it with my girls too...when they're old enough to get it. :) Thanks for sharing!

Maybe I should do for for Jon & I! Haha!
krista said…
Cute decor and behavior it!

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