Meet Old Blue

The other day I took the kids to the pet store to look at the animals. 
This may sound lame, but it's a super fun and FREE outing.
This time it didn't end up being free because we came home with a little something.....

We named him Old Blue 
(okay, I named him that... after the old guy in the movie Old School).
He's a Beta Fish, and quite pretty if you ask me.

Our track record with fish isn't great, but I figure these guys are pretty hardy, 
so hopefully he'll survive for a while.
Is it odd that I'm using him as a centerpeice on my dining room table?



Rhonda said…
I think he is a really cool centerpiece.
Nikki said…
I like that as a centerpiece!
Julie said…
I swear sometimes we are living completely parallel lives: I was about to post about our new beta fish that we just bought on an outing to the pet store. Weird!
Danielle said…
i love old blue! and so glad i got to be there when you got him! :) he looks awesome as a centerpiece. i just might have to get my own.. :)
Charlee said…
We had one he lasted 5mo change his water often and don't over feed it!
Amanda said…
Our first beta fish lived 3 YEARS! Our second lived 1 1/2 YEARS. These fish live pretty long, and keep their own tanks pretty clean. Make sure to use a water conditioner that is made for those fish or their pretty fins will tear and get scraggly.
Raisin Robsi said…
cool idea. but I think it's important to know a bit about the fish. He definitely is not happy in that tiny bowl. wouldn't a nice, large vase look just as nice on that table? then you can add some fake silk plants and watch him swim around mesmerizingly. trust that he'll live longer and be much happier that way.

the most important thing is water conditioner though. he'll probably die in a week if you don't use it. and be sure to change the water like every other day.

finally, don't overfeed him! it takes 2 weeks for a betta to starve to death. his tummy is the size of his eye!

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