During one of our sick days at home Ethan an I busted out the Memory game while Alayna was still napping.  Ethan kept getting annoyed at me for taking pictures and not being on top of my turn :)



Crystal Keilers said…
I love the one of E holding the card out.

And yes, this child makes me want to have another one like right away ("want" to, not "going to;). And he will for sure snuggle you when you see him =). xo
Anonymous said…
My 4 year old Kaydenn and i play memory every day! Its a great game! We have the Toy Story one. Its so much fun to play it with him now that he doesnt cheat anymore and try to 'peek' at them all until he finds a match ;]
Charlee said…
Breven used to get mad because I didn't let him win all the time! I love memory we got very creative with how we played.

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