Miss Alayna at 17 1/2 Months

My sweet little miss,
In only a few more weeks you will be a year and a half!  Ahhhhh! Since you turned one it seems like time is seriously flying by. The baby is leaving you more and more each day and you are becoming a little girl.This is sad and fun all at the same time.  I love watching you learn and explore every day.  It seems like you pick up something new on a daily basis.

It's amazing how much you pick up from watching your older brother.  You do far more than he did at this same age, and most of it is from simply watching him.  The other day I was watching you sit in the living room and totally pretend to cook food, eat it, and drink.  It was super cute and amazed me that you were already pretending like that.

You are such a sweet little girl.
You giggle and laugh and are amused by the littlest things.
You make me smile in a serious way.

You are starting to say more and more words.  You'll try to repeat almost anything we ask you to say.  Some of the words you say daily are: binky, drink, snack, baby, lovey, ni-night, bye-bye, hi, Daddy, Mommy, Ethan, Cookie doggy, please, yay, car, Grammy (which you pronounce Mammy), hello, Papa, and down.  Just today you said "love you" for the first time... to your daddy of course :)

You have the cutest little run.  I need to remember to video it one of these days.  I am so bad about getting out the video camera.  You run EVERYWHERE.  You run across the house, across the yard, across the room.... when you decide you want to go somewhere, you RUN.

If there is a pair of shoes lying around, you will put them on and tromp around in them.  You are terribly amused by this, and it makes me laugh. 

You have recently discovered puzzles and love to try to do them.  If you get a peice in correctly you clap and say "yay".

You think you are so big....
you can climb onto Ethan's trike, but are not yet tall enough to pedal.  Sometimes I push you around on it and you think that is great.  You also climb EVERYTHING.  Sometimes I hear you screaming from outside and you've climbed up onto the patio table and are stuck.  You are a danger to yourself girl.

You've started throwing little drama fits.
It's kind of funny.
You throw yourself on the ground and scream for a little bit or fuss.

You LOVE books.  Many times during the day you will get a book and sit and look through it.  If it has animals in it you make the animal noises and giggle.  It makes me smile.

You are VERY attached to the binky.  I'm wondering if I should take it away soon... so that you don't end up like your addict brother.  The funny thing is that you like to suck on one AND hold one in your hand at the same time.

You are a total Daddy's girl.  You light up the moment he walks in the room.  You walk around all the time and say "hi Daddy" in the sweetest little voice.  I'm quite certain you melt his heart.

I love you my sweet daughter...
You delight me :)



krista said…
oh sweet girl, how can you be 1 1/2 already? it seems like only a few months ago I was meeting you for the first time. so crazy. stop growing so fast :) you are a beautiful girl!
Jolene Grace said…
Such a sweet post. Alayna lives up to her name for sure: JOY.

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