Tips for photographing children

I am guest posting over at this fun blog called Salt and Nectar today. 
Go check out my tips for getting good photographs of your kids :)
This is my first time guest blogging!



Christina said…
Thanks for the great post! I'm a fledgling family photographer (on the East Coast) and have been a fan of your work for awhile now. I had a disastrous portfolio building shoot this past weekend with two totally wild and uncooperative toddlers, 22 months old and a three year old. It was so discouraging, but I think I did get a couple of good candids, despite it all. All that is to say, I've been scouring all my favorite photo resources for tips on photographing small children so this could not have been posted at a more perfect time! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Wow Jess, I can't believe how talented you are! And that picture of Lily is AMAZING!

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