Valentine's Party

Last week I had a little Valentine's party for the mom's group I'm in charge of at my church.
We had lots of yummy goodies,
the bounce house was set up,
we had a craft for the kiddos,
and even a craft for the mama's.
We had a full house.
It was a good time.

Ethan was looking out the window eagerly waiting for his friends to arrive

This was my first attempt ever at decorating cupcakes.  I realized I am not cut out for cake decorating, and will leave this talent to my dear friend Jolene.  I do not have the patience for this.

These are brownie covered peppermint oreos.. oh yeah.. they were good.
Heart shaped PB&Js

I whipped up another festive bunting banner, this time with paper.

The craft for the mama's... felt flower barrettes or pins

Alayna is modeling hers

Jill and her girls decorating bags to hold Valentines
Teresa and Taelyn
Look at the cute heart tutu on this precious little one... adorable, right?

Thanks to everyone who came!



krista said…
how fun! and your cupcakes look cute! you are too hard on yourself :)
i so wish we could've been there. i had a last minute mtg come up- boo. i know m would've had a throw a good party! :)
you do throw a good party!!!! JEALOUS!!!! What a fun time!
Jolene Grace said…
Thanks for inviting us! We had such fun! Everything was just adorable. :)
Rhonda said…
I think the cupcakes look great!
And brownie covered peppermint oreos? YUM!!!

Love the felt flower clips. so very cute.
So cute Jess! Looks like so much fun, and I LOVE your felt flowers. They're so cute as little hair clippies! :)

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