Valentine's Photo Shoot

Somehow I manage to get great pictures of other people's kids.
I rarely set out to do a full on photoshoot with my own children...
it's just too hard. 
Usually I'm by myself with them, trying to take the pictures AND get them to look cute.

There's a reason I rarely do cute "photoshoots" with my own kids...
if often ends in disaster.
This week was no exception.
I decided I wanted some cute Valentine's photos of my kids because I kinda skipped out on the whole Christmas picture thing this year.
I dressed them in red and pink, packed a few props from a photoshoot I did with a baby,
bought them each a heart balloon from the grocery store,
and headed up to Oak Glen.

My location choice was not wise.
There was snow on the ground.
I did not plan for this but Photographer Jess pushed aside mom Jess and thought "oh, that will make for some really cute pictures".

Within two minutes of being out of the car Ethan had jumped in an icy puddle and was wet up to his knees.

Despite having bundled my kids up,
Alayna was cold and miserable.
She fussed and cried nearly the whole time.
She was NOT having it.
She was also sick with the same nasty cold Ethan had last week.
Silly me thought we could power through the cold and still get a few cute pictures.

Fast forward about thirty minutes later....
I loaded both of my screaming, miserable children in the car,
stripped Ethan down to his underwear,
and blasted the heater for them.
We came right home and I got them both down for naps.

Lesson learned.
Do not bring your warm blooded kids to the snow when you have not dressed them in snow clothes and then expect to magically get cute pictures of them.
I take that back...
I did get three cute pictures of Ethan...

Wow, doesn't his face look angelic here?  If only that were the case ;)

After the kids napped, I figured I'd try to get at least a couple of pictures of them together since they were wearing red and pink.
They aren't quite what I was hoping for,
but they'll do.
We went out in the backyard.
I bribed them with heart lollies to get them to sit together.

I seriously think this was the only time Alayna smiled all day.... I totally Photoshopped the snot off of her face

There was NO way I was going to get both of them to look at me at the same time.

This is the face that I saw most of the day... cute huh?  haha

"Let me DOWN MOM!"



Heather Hekman said…
A+ for effort, Jess! They're still cute.
Janette said…
I love that you share your good days and bad days and lessons learned. Your honesty makes me feel more normal! :) Alayna's fussing makes me giggle from a distance because I can sooo see that being Lily at that age. One night I was so fed up with Lily's crying that I just started laughing! I was going bonkers! We had all the lights off in the living room and I grabbed my camera and set her down against some pillows on the couch to take a blind picture in the dark. I was trying to capture just how cranky she was, thinking it would make us laugh one day. At that moment, she stopped crying and had the biggest goofy grin on her face the moment the flash went off!
Ditto to Janette's comment! Love these! I really like the photo effect you did on a few of the pics too! Pioneer Woman element or just your natural talent? Way cute!
krista said…
I love these pictures...even though they weren't what you were going for. Welcome to real life, huh ;)
Crystal said…
I think you got some great shots =). Ethan's eyes are so pretty.
Jess said…
i agree with heather...A+ for effort!! i am new to your blog...and your kiddos are adorable!!! and i am loving your kindness hearts...we could always use a little bit more kindness around here!!!

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