Vintage Finds

I stop into my favorite thrift stores here in Yucaipa once every couple of weeks, and sometimes once a week if I have the chance.  This morning the kids and I spent a few hours at the park where they enjoyed playing and being out of the house, despite it being a bit chilly.  On the way home I stopped in at 2 of my favorite stores, and then even found a third one I had never been too.  The ladies know me in the stores I frequent and are very sweet to my kids. 

I scored some good finds today... all for the grand total of $9.00.

These blue glass things are going to be made into little cake plates .
The other glass items are most likely going to become cake plates as well.
I love pretty cake stands :)
 I love this fabric... several yards for only $1.00.  Fabric can be expensive, so coming across a find like this excites me.  
I'm giong to try my hand at making a dress for Alayna with it. 
I have a cute pattern I am giong to try to use.

This will probably be used to adorn some sort of fabric flower for my hair :)



Cute Jess! If you're willing, will you share your thrifty secret spots?

I totally understand if you want to keep them a secret! :)
Charlee said…
Where do you get your hair flowers. I ge the ones like Aubree for me but I am also looking for more grown up ones!
Jessica said…
Erin- you're cute. I don't mind sharing ;) The problem is I don't know the names of them, lol. There are two on 1st Street right across from the senior center. One is only open once in a while... the lady just opens it when she feels like it... that place is filled with amazing things. She said she's going to get it in order and have regular hours. That's where I got the fabric today.

The other place is right next door to that one, and they have regular hours.

Then there's one on Yucaipa Blvd. It's right off of 1st... it's not the Triftique place (that place is expensive).

Then there's one on California Street just past the Thriftique place. They get new stuff constantly.

I also stop into Set Free once in a while (on Yucaipa Blvd.). I like to look at their 50cent rack in the back.

There's also that place right down on the outer hwy... I forget the name of that place too. Sorry!

These places can be a tad junky.... and you have to hunt :)

Charlee- I got a few a while ago in the dollar bin at Michael's.. they are super cute and I embellished them a little. I've made a few out of felt for myself too. I also love the ones they have at Claire's.
Jolene Grace said…
Your cake plates are the best. :-) Can't wait to see the dress.

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