We are all still sick around here.
This cold is seriously kicking all of our booties...
it's a bad one.
It's one of the worst I've had in a long time.
We haven't done much of anything but wipe noses,
make tea and soup,
and hang out around the house wishing we felt better.
And we've had a whole lot of this....

Since I have nothing very fun to share right now,I have a few cute pictures from the past few weeks I wanted to post.

The other day Ethan took it upon himself to go into Alayna's room after she woke up from her nap and join her in her crib.  She was amused for a little bit, but mostly wanted out of bed.

The kids love to color.
Aunt Heather got them some fun little things for Christmas that they have been loving.
These water markers for Alayna are the best things ever.
They only work on the paper, and they are just water.... so no mess!
Perfect for a toddler learning how to color.
She got Ethan these dry erase markers and letters to trace...
he loves it.
The best part is he can use it over and over again :)

Alayna feeding herself yogurt.
When the spoon doesn't deliver fast enough,
she just dips her hand right in and licks it off.

Matt helped Ethan build this extra large tower.
It was pretty cool.

In true boy fashion he immediately knocked it over.



Charlee said…
My kiddos love to color as well I have to say I like the aqua doodle as well just water and no messes and its re-useable!
Christy said…
This cold is kicking everyones butt for sure and it lingers like forever!
Jhen.Stark said…
Oh MY! Ya'll are STILL SICK?!?!?! So sorry friend! But even still, your little kids take great candid "I'm at home and having fun" pictures!;0)

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