A weekend of food

Since we've done almost nothing the past several days I've had a chance to catch up on all my cooking magazines.  I've found so many amazing recipes that I have torn out and plan on making soon.  I planned my menu for this week and thought I'd share a couple of recipes for anyone who's interested.

Today I made these amazing Spinach and Mushroom quesadillas from Pioneer Woman.  Of course nothing I ever make from her is bad.  They were delicious and I'd give them a 9.5... maybe even a 10!  I didn't have goat cheese and I used cheddar in it's place.

-Coconut chicken fingers with sweet chilie dipping sauce (Cooking Light)
-Roasted brussel sprouts with a balsamic reduction (this is just something I throw together... so yummy)
-Roasted red potatoes

Tuesday: (it's our turn to host our dinner with our friends)
-Potato and Cheddar soup.  I made this on Friday and we enjoyed it a lot... especially being sick.  I made a few adjustments.  I sauteed the onions with the butter and added garlic before adding the to the soup.  I also added a can of corn, extra cheese and bacon in place of the ham.
-Homeade cornbread (I use Betty Crocker's recipe)

-Italian Beef Stew (cooking light)
-Homeade bread

Leftovers for Thursday :)


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