Edible bird nest craft

When I came across this cute little craft I knew I had to replicate it with my own kiddos.  We settled down and made these cute little edible bird nests one day last week.  It was quite messy with my two little ones, but I'd imagine with older kids it would be a bit easier. 

Really my kids were just excited to play with Peeps and then get to eat them.  Not to mention the frosting :)

 Alayna's masterpeice...
she got a little ahead of the game and ate the head right off the Peep :)

 Ethan's birdy in the nest

 He was very proud and wanted to save it to show Daddy.....
however it looked too yummy and got devoured a few minutes later :)

Alayna thought her nest and birdy were quite tasty :)

It was a quick and tasty craft.


Grandma H said…
Very cute and looks delicious!! Matt would have loved one, he loves peeps!!
Charlee said…
What a cute idea!!! Nice work by both kids! (and mom too)

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