Freestyle Artwork

This past weekend Matt was gone all day and the kids and I were stuck inside do the freezing cold rain and snow.  I let them color and even made some finger paints using this recipe I came across on... you guessed it... Pinterest ;)

I titled this post "Freestyle Artwork" because my son decided he wanted to spend the morning nude after he got peanut butter on his jammies.  Quite frankly, I was too tired to care.  I figured I wouldn't have to clean anything off his clothes this way ;) 

 Don't you love the heart glasses?
He found these in the dollar bins at Target and just HAD to have them.
I figured since they were only 99 cents it was no big deal.
He's been waring them ever since.

he's using a silicone basting brush to paint.
That's actually what gave me the idea to make the paint in the first place.
He was walking around the house with it pretending to paint the walls.

Alayna tried getting in on the action but got frustrated because the paint was a little too thick.
Next time I make it I will make it much thinner.

Here is his masterpeice.
He was painting it for Papa (who was sick),
so that he'd feel better.
Unfortunately it was so globby and icky...
I tossed it in the trash after he went down for his nap.
Papa, you'll have to enjoy your artwork right here :)



Anonymous said…
That is too funny. I wonder if wanting to be in the nude is a boy thing? I have 3 sons and they have all gone through it. My middle son Zac used to run around naked saying "Im nakey, I like it! Im nakey, i like it!"
Jolene Grace said…
HILARIOUS! What a character Ethan is! The glasses, oh boy. We have a pair too...99 cents is a good way to keep a boy happy for a Target trip. Love this post!
Brenda said…
Is he right or left handed? He's using his left hand to draw with a marker and his right hand to paint with the basting brush.
Crystal Keilers said…
You're such a good mama =).
Christy said…
Ummmm....ya I would clean my house naked but Dan frowns on it. ;) So cute.

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