Homeword Bound

We were officially in Vegas for 24 hours.  It was fun to have a change of pace but we are now happily heading home.

The kids slept decent...  Alayna was awake for a bit in the middle of the night,  but went back to sleep.

While matt went back to the convention this morning the kids and I hung out in the room so bit before checking out.  After checking out we headed over to a cool outdoor mall where we found the most awesome park.  It was really nice and even had little play houses complete with a play kitchen and bakery,  and a hedge maze.  We played for a while and then picked up Matt and hit the road.  A nice short trip... perfect for a first trip with kids.

I know you're dying to see some more low quality cell phone pics :-)  You'll probably appreciate the next time I actually post nice pictures :-)  I'm just stoked that I can blog while we drive home :-)


Rhonda said…
What an awesome park. Where was that?
Kelly said…
How fun! That park sounds amazing!! I think once Kendall can hack a later bedtime, we might try it as well. Both kids would be dizzy with all there is to look at. :)

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