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I seemed to have fallen off the blog bandwagon.  I find that when I have work to do (photography stuff), I tend not to want to be at the computer any longer than is required of me, so the blog suffers.  This post is all over the place, so bear with me.

*Not eating dessert is easier some days than others.  The other night I was craving it big time, but was proud of myself for not caving in.  I even made my mom a carrot cake for her birthday and didn't have any.

*After trying a few different pricey stainless steal cleaners to clean my appliances, I chuckle that a clean wet rag works best.  If only I'd tried that first!

*I love that TOMS shoes is generous and donates money, however am I the only one who just can't bring myself to think they are cute?  Sorry if you wear them and you think they are cute, but I think they look like house shoes that someone in a nursing home might wear.  Maybe they'll grow on me like Uggs did.

*Ethan was up last night for half the night screaming that his legs hurt.  Matt and I could find nothing wrong with them and think it was probably growing pains.  It was crazy.  I hope not to have another night like that any time soon!

*We spent the last two Saturdays doing some serious yardwork out front.  I realized I've never posted pictures of our front yard on my blog.  In fact I never even took a picture of our front yard until today.  I think the reason why is that it's quite embarrassing!  It's such a dead nasty mess of a jungle.  It's completely overwhelming.  Unfortunately I don't have any "before" pictures to show you, but I guess these will do because we will be doing A LOT MORE out there.

We spent two whole Saturdays out there and we filled up 10 green waste barrels and a truck bed full of green waste that went to the green waste dump.  I honestly don't think I've ever worked so hard... I felt like I was doing cardio for hours.   My heart rate was up, I was dripping sweat... it was intense.  Part of that is because of the ivy that was left to grow and grow and grow for the past several years.  I've decided ivy is from the devil.  It takes over everything when left to grow and is one of the hardest things to get rid of.  The roots go EVERYWHERE.  I spent two hours on a tiny section of flowerbed.  Crazy.  In the process I also pulled one of my abdomen muscles, which has been hurting and prevented me from doing any core work at the gym.

All we did was prune, prune, prune and pull.  We're just trying to get all the existing shrubbery in shape, get rid of the dead stuff and plant a new lawn this year.  We'll plant more pretty things next year.

The driveway

the fun doesn't end in front of the house, there's this whole hill full of weeds and ivy to contend with as well :)
  yipppee!  lol.

So the really crazy thing is that this really is much better than two weeks ago, I promise.

I went onto Google maps and found a picture of the street view that matches one of my images.  You can see just a little bit how the ivy was much worse....
or can you??
That's the depressing part about it all,
we do so much work and you can hardly tell!!!

next step is to continue to get that nasty ivy under control for now,
and then kill the weeds that pretend to be a lawn,
rototill and fix sprinklers,
and then get a real lawn growing (in both the front and back)!
The hard part will be keeping the kids off of the growing lawn.

I'll post pictures of the backyard soon.
That is a whole other mess!  :)


Rhonda said…
I love the idea behind Toms too, but you're right, I've never thought they were very cute. I always thought they looked like I bought them in the country that the second pair was going to. That is until I saw these last week:
and they have them in solid red too. I think I want a pair of Tom's now.

As for the yard - I absolutely see a difference. You're doing a great job. It's going to look amazing when you're done.
Nikki said…
The yard looks so good! I can tell a huge difference!!!! Be proud of all the work you have done! I used to think TOMS were ugly too but I think they are growing on me.. I really want to get a Avery a pair of Pink ones but I am having a hard time spending the money. Maybe for her birthday :) I will.
Jolene Grace said…
WOW, you guys have done a ton of work! I see a difference for sure! I know it is a ton of work, but I have no doubt that you guys will make that yard sparkle more than it ever has before!

I hope Ethan sleeps better tonight, and that you get a nap today. Love you sis!
krista said…
It looks GOOD! You guys have done a ton! I love that you saw the potential in that house and are making it your own. It is an amazing house and property!

I hope Ethan's legs feel better soon and he lets you sleep tonight!
Kelly said…
I bet it's soo satisfying to see an area that you've made look better in your yard! Good for you and the desserts! And making a cake without licking the beaters? Wow!
Heather Hekman said…
You're doing a great job. I can see the difference.
Charlee said…
Ivy is horrible(had it at the first house and tore it all out)

TOMS are ugly and I can't stand the look I won't buy them even if they give shoes to kids I'll just donate some extra cash and buy cute shoes!

Ethan may have growing pains or pulled muscles ask Breven he has done it too!

As for desserts does fruit count? I would die if I couldn't eat anything sweet like I love strawberries with coolwhip!
SSchenkel said…
Great job on the yard! That is a TON of work! I'm sure you guys will continue to do amazing work. My brother-in-law and sister had a ton of ivy growing up the side of their house from the yard, and it can totally be a way for mice and other rodents and insects to get in the house. Ewwww, gross!

Hehe on the TOMS thing! :)
Christy said…
Oh we went through that with Morgan and Ryanne being restless at night with leg cramps as well. We started giving them chewable calcium and that helped. You could read up on it. Your yard is coming together.
pammyh said…
Jumping on the TOMwagon here...they may look a bit like prison/cult follower shoes, but wear them for a day and you'll look right past that. SO COMFORTABLE. Like, walk all over NYC for a day and still be happy comfy. I own two pair and will totally keep buying them. And yes, if you can get past Fugs, you can get past these :)

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