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It's been over a week since I've blogged...
I just haven't felt inspired to blog, that's all.
Plus, every time I've sat down to blog I get distracted by something else.
Anyhow, let's see, I have some random things and random pictures...

*I joined a gym near my house and canceled my LA Fittness membership.  Only having to drive about five minutes to the gym makes me much more motivated to get there.  I've been shooting for 4 days a week and so far I've made it :)  It feels sooooooooooo good to be getting back into shape again.  I used to be in terrific shape, and then... well, I had kids.  That's such a common excuse isn't it?  Well, it's not going to be my excuse anymore!  I'm turning 30 in October, and I hope to reach my goals by then :)  What's great is that my kids go in the kid's club, and I get a nice break from them, I get to work out, and we're all getting out of the house without spending money (besides my monthly membership) :)

Alayna loves to give us snuggles... it's SO sweet.  Seriously, it melts my heart.
*Alayna's final molar just popped through the gum the other day.  I think this was why she screamed from 12:30am-3:30 am the other night (YUCK).   Now we have those awful eye teeth... I hope she's not like her brother was when he was cutting those beasts.
Gotta love the binky queen.... one in her mouth and two in her hand.  I think she looks very 80s here with her necklace and ponytail, lol.
I think this guy is pretty handsome....

*I have to say that I'm grateful that he works hard and allows me to stay home with the kids.  Not only does he allow it, but he VALUES it, which is super important to me.  I have to be honest, if I worked full time we would have a lot more money that would allow us to do a lot more....
but that's just not important to us right now, and I'm grateful to be married to someone who shares this value with me :)

*I realized with Ethan that if we do not start our day out with TV, we have a better day.  I know this seems to be the case with a lot of children who have sensory issues, and it's proving true for Ethan.  It's SOOOOOO easy to turn on cartoons from him when he wakes up at too early.  I'm just usually too tired to engage him in something.  He's great while he watches TV, but then afterwards his behavior is usually worse.  I guess with kids who have sensory issues, the TV just gives them too much stimulation.    The past few mornings I've tried no TV at all, and we have a much better day.

He's been doing great at the nursery at the gym, which makes me super happy.  He always had a hard time going to nurseries and child care and lately he's been doing great.  He happily goes in and it makes me SO happy not to have him screaming and crying.  I can enjoy my time away guilt free :)

The most frustrating part of the day with Ethan is dressing him.
It's a battle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Seriously... I have tried everything...
sticker charts, marbles, positive reinforcement, and spankings.
Honestly NOTHING works.
Dressing him is like dressing a cat.
He flails, runs away, jumps on his bed, and makes it VERY hard.
Dressing a toddler is FAR easier than dressing him.  Seriously.
If anyone has any advice in this area, please share!

The other day we pretended to use a diaper box as a race car.  
I love the imagination that this child has :)

A few weeks ago I finally busted out my spray paint and painted some of the frames I've collected to make an empty frame collage in Alayna's room.  I know it sounds odd, but this is really what I had in mind all along, and I love the final result.  I don't think I paid more than a buck or two for any of these frames.  I'm always on the lookout for fun frames :)

I also hung this mirror (that I already had) and these cute little butterflies.  Her room is just about finished... yay.  I'll take a picture of her entire room today when the light is good and post it soon.

And.... just to include a picture of myself in this post (because I'm trying to do that more), here's one from our family pictures a few weeks ago...
I gave up dessert and soda (I only drink Diet Coke) for Lent. 
If you know me...
you know that me giving up dessert is HUGE, and it's going to be quite a challenge for me.
However I like the idea of giving up something for 40 days that is a "vice" for me.
And I'll be honest with you, I'm kinda hoping it will help me drop a few pounds :)
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

There you have it, a miss matched post of random stuff :)  Now I'm off to get the kids ready and take them for some fun at Redlands Gymnastics Club with our TMOMS group.  Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!


Christy said…
OK let's see if I can remember all I wanted to say.....first the binky thing made me smile. Morgan always had one in her mouth and one in each hand, such a sweet time. :) And yes your husband ROCKS for supporting you in staying home. It is a priceless time that we cannot get back and we are truly blessed to be home with our babes even if they drive us crazy sometimes. Ryanne has major sensory issues as well and leaving the TV off is a good thing for us to. Dressing her often was and can sometimes be a nightmare as well. We decided to only have clothes in her drawers and closet she was allowed to wear or that fit her so she wouldn't be on overload and then let her pick each day. I know Ethan is a bit younger but maybe you could tell him to pick between 2 outfits that you have approved. I think giving Ryanne more control over situations has really helped. Often she abuses it and runs with it but we are a work in progress. LOL! I think you look great and am proud of you for getting back to the gym. I am trying to walk everyday with the dog.
Kelly said…
Liked this update! Super impressed with the giving up dessert. :) Liked your comments about Matt and staying at home. :)
Charlee said…
Have you thought about occupational therapy for Ethans sensory issues? I got lucky and our medical insurance covered it and it was at loma linda and they worked wonders. My pediatrician sent a referral to Loma linda and they helped handle the insurance and we just went in once a week and payed our standard co-pay. I couldn't begin to figure out how to get past dressing issues with an almost 4yr old!
Shanna said…
I have nominated you for the Versastile Blogger Award, check out the details
Crystal said…
I learn so much from you and Jolene about parenting your boys. I love that you notice a difference between TV and no TV, makes sense. And I love how candid you are =).

Go girl on the gym note! Let's talk soon. xo
Crystal said…
Oh and Alayna's room looks super cute!
Auntie Annette said…
Jess, sorry this is so long--- hope it is of use to someone...

For you moms of littles, here are a few ideas from a veteran momma re: clothes:

*Teach them to dress themselves ASAP--buy clothes that make this easier--velcro, elastic, etc. are your friends!!

*Put coordinated outfits (shirt, shorts, socks, etc.) that you are ok with into a gallon ziplock --just bundle as you fold laundry-- Put the ziplocks into a drawer and let the toddler choose which one.

*Given the option, buy only solid color bottoms and a bunch of versatile prints for tops, or vice-versa, to facilitate easy(er) clothing choices/matching.

*Set out clothes the night before for special occasions, picture day, church, etc. to minimize tussles in the morning.

*Most of all, remember that it's not the clothes that make a man! Clothing can be a huge battle or a great learning opportunity: color, matching, weather appropriateness, decision making, self-confidence, and a host of other things--or not, as the day dictates.

*Choose your battles wisely. No one ever died from taking out a child in mis-matched clothing and galoshes. Or free-styling at home for a bit either :-)

*And don't forget to involve your littles in laundry sorting--they love it! Whites! Reds! Blues! Towels! Jeans! We designated the youngest the "great white hunter" and a more agile older one "flipper" for those inside-out items. Have fun!

May God bless you all as you raise up your little blessings to the glory of God. I miss those days!

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