Vegas... with kids

Matt had to come to Vegas for a convention so the kids and I decided to tag along with him.  I would never plan a vacation to Vegas with kids this young,  but I figured since Matt was already going that it would be a nice change of pace.

So I'm sitting here in my hotel room with the lights off blogging from my phone.   Alayna is crashed out in the pack n play in the closet and Ethan is supposed to be going to sleep but is pretty amped up.   This is also our very first hotel experience with two kids.

Vegas with kids is a VERY different experience. 

We got here around 1:00 and Matt jetted off to the convention center.  The kids and I went out exploring.  Since we're staying at the MGM first stop was a visit to the lions. 

Next stop... the strip.  Cruising down the strip with a double stroller is interesting.  I received no shortage of smiles,  funny looks,  and comments galore.  Ethan crashed out after a while but apparently the 20 minute power nap Alayna took in the car just before we arrived kept her bright eyed.  I came across a Ross and couldn't resist strolling inside.  It was the biggest Ross I've ever seen.  I scored a super cute dress for $10.00 and some aviator sunglasses which I'm sure Matt will hate for $6.00.

We found a food court next door and bought some very over priced Frosties from Wendys and a huge iced tea for me.

We strolled down the strip some more and then went to the mall at Planet Hollywood.  I mean what else was I going to do but shop???  Lol.  The only thing I ended up buying was a few odds and ends at a "going out of business sale" at a kitchen store.

Matt finished up at his convention and met up with us.  We happened to be next to the PF Changs at Planet Hollywood,  so we got some food to go,  picked up a couple of cold beers, and came back to our hotel room.

So.... here we are :-)  Not very exciting,  but it's always nice to have a change of pace.  I would never pay to bring munchkins here,  but tagging along with daddy definitely beats staying home by ourselves :-)

And now... some very low quality and awful cell phone pics :-)


Shelly McGuire said…
Whoa!! Matt was there from Mon-Thurs for a Safety convention! What was your Matt there for?
Jolene Grace said…
I have paid to go to Vegas with kids younger than yours, and had a great time. It can be a fun place if you let it be. :-) Glad you found some fun.
Jessica said…
Shelly- That's funny! My Matt was there for a construction convention.

Jolene- You are way more brave than I, you've gone on all kinds of trips with your little ones and this was my first one with our two! And we definitely had fun :)

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