Alayna at 19 months

Alayna at 19 months.
I want to freeze time...
this age is really quite precious with her.

Vocabulary explosion and lots of cute babbling.
Adores her brother and mimics everything he does.

Loves all of her "babies"...
dolls, stuffed animals, etc.
She hugs and kisses them and loves to pretend to feed them.

 Very loving.
Gives lots of sweet hugs and kisses...
especially to her Daddy.

She runs anywhere,
climbs anything,
and has a very adventurous spirit.

LOVES books.
Constantly paging through books and asking us to read them to her.

Always happy.
Makes us smile and laugh constantly.


 Loves her doggy.
Constatnly tries to play with Cookie...
wrestles, chases and annoys.

Loves "pretties"....
bracelets, necklaces, and anything girly.
She loves to wear them and take them on and off

Oh sweet baby girl...
you are growing bigger much too fast for me!!



Christy said…
I know it's horrible right? I'm trying to slow my kids down but they are fighting it. LOL!

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