A confession and 20 minutes of fun

I have a confession for you all....
playing with my kids does not come naturally to me.
I said it.

There is a reason for this.  I am a bit ADHD in nature, and sitting down on the floor to play, while I see chores that need to be done around me, has always been VERY hard for me.  I last maybe a few minutes before I get up to quickly do something else that needs to be done.  Matt is much better about just sitting with the kids and playing with them.  I think this is why I always take them to do things outside of the house.  If I am outside of the house and not surrounded by my "to dos", then it is much easier for me to actively engage my kids.

Anyhow, Matt encouraged me to spend at least 20 minutes a day doing something fun with the kids.  Who cares what else needs to be done, it can wait... my kids are only this age for such a short time.  I know this in my head, I tell it to myself all the time, but it is SO hard for me to sit and play.  Does that make me a bad mom?  I feel like it does.... but in my defense it's not like I ignore my kids, I am constantly caring for them, talking to them, and helping them do things, I just have a hard time sitting down for any length of time.  Going on walks, riding bikes, playing outside, going to the park, running errands, taking them on little field trips... these things come quite naturally for me.... sitting down and just playing, does not.

So, all that to say that I've been making an effort to just "let go" of my to do list for 20 minutes at a time and enjoy my kiddos.  I'm trying harder to play with them instead of letting them play around me.

Th other day we got out the play dough the other day, which doesn't last long in our house.  Alayna plays with it for maybe five minutes before she just decides to eat it :)  I think this play dough session lasted about 15 minutes, which is good for my kids.

And the eating of the play dough begins...

 Maybe I'll just make some edible play dough next time, then it won't matter.
 Mr. Cheesy smile

Alayna was so proud of herself sitting on the bar stool.



Charlee said…
I had such a hard time playing myself as well. When we went to PCIT and they told me I had to play with Breven for 20min and what I needed to incorporate into that time and let him lead it was hard! It was hard to let him lead and decide what to do and it was just a struggle fore the first 5 sessions!

Now I am better and can do it much easier. I found that finding things that I like to play with are always helpful like dollhouse with Aubree and cars with Breven and when its me and both kids its always arts and crafts.

If you want some of the idea sheets and things from PCIT let me know I can share them with you they had lots of great hints and things to make playing easier.
Jolene Grace said…
Good job sis. 20 minutes a day will make for some invaluable memories later on, and you won't remember the messes you ignored while you played.

P.S. - Alayna really looked like Ethan in a few of those pics. SO CUTE!
Shelly McGuire said…
OH MY GOODNESS Salch! I can so relate to your post. I am the same way! It kills me to sit and play too and I always feel like a bad mom for getting up and doing my chores. I think we feel so guilty about too muany things being a stay at home mom. I have to make an effort too so you are not alone!
Rhonda said…
You're definitely not alone. I have to make a concerted effort too. It makes such a noticeable in the attitudes and behavior of my kids when I do though, so it is worth it.
Christy said…
I am the same way. Dan gets mad because I cant even sit and watch a movie with them without reading a book at the same time. I have the worst attention span. Dan is way better at playing long amounts of time with them. I'm better if we are outside riding bikes or just chilling. I like talking to them and being with them but the playing thing is hard. I think moms are just having to constantly multi task and so its really hard.

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